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SaaS & Simple

IP-related work used to be complicated with stakeholders, service providers, and tools involved in each use case. Reduce your workload and control all value-building components from our SaaS platform.

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Smart & Scalable

Our impressive and diligent technology stack drives our platform interactions and is best equipped for fast and scalable executions that can be handled by your legal advisors or through our partner network.

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Secure & Confidential

IPwe secures your data using blockchain technology while giving you full control over confidentiality. Our B2B and B2A interfaces are future-proofed for modern IP workflows.

Reveal the value of IP &
IP-related risks

Our platform helps you understand and evaluate your complex IP assets and IP-related risk from a financial point of view. You don’t have to be a patent attorney to understand what can or needs to be done—we provide the answers to execute on.

Cut your transaction costs

Manage IP transactions through an ever-growing bundle of automated smart contract relationships. Enable micro-transactions and new IP use cases at low execution and administration costs.

Build your History of Value

All value-building elements such as transactions are captured for every asset in a unique trail of evidence, the History of Value. The History of Value is ensured by confidentiality through blockchain integrations—if required.

Allocate your IP budget strategically

Knowing more about how your IP is helping your business empowers you to allocate IP budget to financially benefit your business.

We are not just another IP analytics provider—get the answers that matter the most to your business.

With the power of our platform, you can leave behind the complexity and costs found in
traditional analytics solutions. You don’t need to be a patent attorney to monetize IP and to
mitigate IP-related risks efficiently.

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