Our Mission

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While we have always enabled traditional IP transactions through licensing and acquisitions, we are modernizing the technological framework for additional financial use cases and efficient risk management tools to control the financial exposure of businesses through their IP. By design and plan, the IPwe Platform is evolving from an IP information platform to an IP FinTech platform.

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As we have witnessed over and over, simple making “tradeable” or creating an exchange channel does not lead to a significant market, it takes more—a lot more. It is difficult to identify an enterprise level asset that has more value, yet is more arcane or overly complex than patents, both in its management and how it is transacted. We do not need to replace a 50+ year legacy system that works reasonably well. At IPwe, our technology and experience are combined to simply make IP easier to understand to change how people engage with IP.

Our History


Our technology lineage begins

Our CEO, Erich Spangenberg, acquired a predictive analytics company in 2007, which he invested in while focusing the company on patents analytics specifically. This powerful tool was refined over the following decade, enabling the collection of hundreds of millions in revenue and ultimately matured into IPwe’s core AI engine.


IPwe is born

Erich Spangenberg founded IPwe to build the world’s first Global Patent Market combining the information and tools to identify, research, evaluate, and transact in patents. Since then, we have been building our blockchain technology stack, enhancing our AI performance, improving our data capabilities, and expanding our partner network to produce actionable business decisions for IP assets.


IPwe acquired ClearAccessIP

In April 2020, IPwe acquired ClearAccessIP to consolidate the artificial intelligence and machine learning technology applicable to the patent market to create AI-based valuations of IP assets. Nicole Shanahan founded ClearAccessIP in 2013, a Silicon Valley tech company that formerly specialized in patent analytics and IP asset management. ​


We have evolved

IPwe released the NFT marketplace for patents- a company milestone. We are now ready to execute on our longer-term vision of being the FinTech platform for IP, as IP further develops into an asset class.

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