IPwe has assembled a world-class team of patent experts and technologists

Erich Spangenberg


Erich Spangenberg is a serial entrepreneur and industry luminary in the patent business, a pioneer and leader in patent monetization, generating over half a billion dollars in licensing, settlement, or enforcement revenues. He’s a former investment banker (Donaldson, Lufkin, and Jenrette) and corporate lawyer (partner at Jones Day).

Pascal Asselot

Managing Director

Prior to joining IPwe, Pascal co-founded France Brevets where he led the licensing and development group for the first sovereign patent fund in Europe. His experience with France Brevets and Technicolor has given him deep connections in the IP world in the EU and Asia. Pascal’s focus is on global operations, patent owner relationships, and new risk management product offerings.

Jonas Block

Head of Artificial Intelligence

Jonas leads development of IPwe’s technology and novel approaches to dissolve the existing access restrictions and open the global IP commercialization markets for everyone by leveraging a unique combination of AI, blockchain and user-experience.

Dan Bork


Dan Bork has been the primary architect of Zuse Analytics for the past 10 years. Dan has been working with a team of data scientists since the late 1990’s solving highly complex problems. Dan’s focus is on Zuse Analytics and architecting IPwe’s public and private blockchain solutions.

George Karypis

Chief Scientist

Professor George Karypis is a Distinguished McKnight University Professor and an ADC Chair of Digital Technology in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota. George is a globally recognized expert in big data, PA and AI—all of which are critical to Zuse Analytics. George’s focus is on solving new and interesting problems using computerized analytics.

Henry Wang

President (IPwe China)

Henry is a seasoned tech entrepreneur, co-founding and managing national recognitized companies receiving substantial fundraising from top VCs. Henry has 16+ years of experience in IP monetization, localization, technology service outsourcing, and leverages his knowledge of the Chinese market to drive IP business development and sales.

Cheryl Milone Cowles

Chief Intellectual Property Officer

Cheryl is an entrepreneur, inventor and IP attorney, focused on productizing IP strategy for protection and profit based on business alignment. Cheryl is delighted to partner with Erich in order to realize value from IPwe’s IP assets, and to act as a consulting CIPO for our SME clients within IPwe’s Advisory Services. The IPwe team, having earned companies $2.5+ billion, is honored to advise our SME clients and to select leading innovation companies for financing opportunities.

Lavinia Meliti

General Counsel & Corporate Development Officer

Lavinia oversees all legal matters including, Compliance, Mergers, Acquisitions, and Intellectual Property, and helps in streamlining Business Development and Strategic Partnerships. Lavinia devotes her maximum energies to aid IPwe in its effort to revolutionize the Intellectual Property scene with the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology.

Brian Berman

Head of International Partnerships

Brian Berman has a deep understanding of the patent ecosystem as a former Patent Examiner and previous executive positions he has held where he had extensive interaction with global patent owners and national patent offices. He has been involved in blockchain projects since 2015. Brian’s mission is to educate and inform the market on the Global Patent Registry, IPwe Analytics and the IPwe Platform.

Sean Gu

Head of Marketing and Customer Experience

Sean leads IPwe’s global marketing and brand strategy, growing IPwe’s digital footprint and developing an industry leading user experience for clients and partners. Sean brings over 10+ years of brand and market development experience, executing growth-marketing and digital transformation on behalf of multi-national companies.

Sai Chen

Senior Software Engineer

Sai Chen is an expert on software and database management. Sai studied under George Karypis for her master’s degree in Computer Science after obtaining her B.E. degree in Automation from the University of Science and Technology of China. Sai has been part of the development of Zuse Analytics for the past 10 years and this continues to be her focus.

François Thuiliere

VP, Business Development

François has 20+ years of technology and intellectual property licensing experience, experienced in negotiating high value agreements for major businesses including RPX and Technicolor, bringing team building and multicultural experience to IPwe.

Stacy Pedersen

VP, Finance and Human Resources

Stacy Pedersen oversees all the accounting and human resource matters for IPwe. She is responsible for the firm’s cash flow accounting, forecasting, budgeting, and financial statement preparation. She is also responsible for the firm’s Human Resource operations, providing employees with a robust benefit and retirement programs. Stacy brings corporate business savvy to her position and is excited to be on the front lines of IPwe’s exciting platform.

Advisory Team

Brad Rotter

Advisory Board Member

Pioneered financial futures and began investing in hedge funds in 1982. Focused on bitcoin for 6 years and invested in first ICO in 2013. Co-Founder and BOD of Entanglement Research Institute, Inc., Vice Chairman of Rivetz, Mayor of Clarksville, California, Extensive Board experience in public and private companies, including Homeseekers, Dignity Patners, Sequella, Halo Maritime Defense Systems.

Scott Armanini

Advisory Board Member

Angel Investor with Bloomlife Inc, previously Global Lead of Accenture Ventures, Sales Director at GLIDR and RocketSpace, Product Manager of HP Software and Cisco Systems, and Co-Founder and Global Development Manager of Microsoft Corp.

Alexander Weir

Advisory Board Member

Business Mentor for the Prince’s Trust and Identifying, Protecting and Commercializing IIP at Weir Consulting, Previously Project and Communications Manager at IPR-Helpdesk and CEO of Gulf Economic Forum.

Mark Schankerman

Advisory Board Member

Professor in Economics at the London School of Economics and Research Fellow at the Centre for Economic Policy Research. He has a PhD in Economics from Harvard University, formerly taught at New York University, and was Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research for ten years.

Jon Wood

Patent Advisory Board Members

Chief IP Counsel for over 10 years, over 20 years practicing IP Law in both corporate and law firm settings. Consistently listed in the IAM Strategy 300 – The Worlds Leading IP Strategists. Jon has an MS in Organic Chemistry.

Raimondo Galli

Patent Advisory Board Members

Attorney and founder of Law Firm Galli (Milan, Italy). Patent and IP Specialist. AIPPI-News Coeditor It.Group.

Mark O’Donnell

Analytics Advisor

Mark is a recognized leader in the Intellectual Property solutions industry for contributions in the areas of SaaS analytics, patent professional services, and client engagement. He brings 20+ years of product development, patent research, and market analysis experience.