“What Does Intellectual Property Look Like in Web3?”

7 April 2022


What Does Intellectual Property Look Like in Web3?

“Lavinia Meliti, Global Head of Business Development at IPwe says that businesses have the potential to build and improve their business experiences or processes in Web3”.

In Forbes Colombia’s recent article, Lavinia Meliti, IPwe’s Global Head of Business Development, introduced IPwe’s Metaverse Smart Pool which stimulates and promotes innovation in metaverse technologies by removing the barriers that intellectual property typically imposes via a new intellectual property in Web3 strategy.

The Forbes article explained, if a small-to-medium enterprise (SME) needed metaverse-related innovations for its own business, such as a gaming business, it would not have to spend a lot of money researching who in the market has the best patents (search costs) or negotiating the royalty rate to be paid with each patent owner (the cost of negotiation). The company could simply join the Metaverse Smart Pool to receive access to a large number of metaverse-related technologies licensed through the IPwe Platform by Founders, who are technology leaders in the space.

Smart Pools provide both patent holders (Founders) and implementers (Members) with the tools they need to make the most of their patent portfolios. By facilitating the right “Founders” for the pool with important innovations to offer the world and leveraging the IPwe Platform to offer standardized licensing terms at the lowest rates available, IPwe ensures that the Members get added benefits that help improve their innovation and protect them from abusive patent practices.

In the case of the Metaverse Smart Pool, Open Meta Foundation is the pool’s first Founder and has contributed 66 assets to the pool. There are currently 67 members in the Metaverse Smart Pool that can freely innovate with any or all of Open Meta Foundation’s 66 assets. An IPwe Metaverse Smart Pool Member, CEO of ePlay Digital, Trevor Doerksen, stated that ePlay is “…thrilled to be working with IPwe to enable ePlay Digital to protect, democratize, manage risk, and innovate our sports and entertainment worlds with advanced metaverse, web3, and blockchain technologies”.


To date, almost 200 Members have joined IPwe’s Smart Pools. Membership to IPwe’s Metaverse Smart Pool is free for SMEs with an aggregate annual revenue below $1 million for a limited time only. To join, please visit https://ipwe.com/quick-sign-up-to-smart-pools/.

To read the original article about Intellectual Property in Web3 in Forbes Colombia in Spanish, please visit https://forbes.co/2022/04/06/actualidad/patentes-en-el-metaverso-como-es-la-propiedad-intelectual-en-la-web3/ .



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