Smart Intangible Asset Management

IPwe’s SIAM Platform

IPwe’s SIAM Platform

The IPwe’s SIAM Platform

Intangible assets now constitute 84% of the S&P 500s balance sheets. However, still, most business leaders only have a basic understanding of their intellectual property assets. Business leaders are unaware of how to use and value patents to ensure a fair ROI. IPwe’s SIAM platform is enabling the IP Digital Transformation by using IPwe Digital Assets or patents NFTs T to efficiently evaluate, track and quantify asset quality and performance. 

IPwe’s SIAM platform enables business leaders to intelligently manage their most valuable assets. SIAM abstracts the complexity out of their IP through the generation of verified data-driven insights and answers.  

IPwe starts by tokenizing your patents into IPwe Digital Assets using publicly available data and blockchain technology. The quality of your portfolio is then analyzed by our cutting-edge AI after your Digital Assets have been unlocked. This verifiable data about patent ownership and utilization is securely stored on the blockchain. As a result, our AI-generated proprietary insights populate your unique, simple-to-understand SIAM platform dashboard. The SIAM platform dashboard shows your portfolio’s actual value and potential areas for ROI growth. With patent NFTs, you can create a unique History of Value record for each asset by adding private details of prior transactions. This enables a better way to manage your portfolio with enhanced answers provided by our SIAM platform without sacrificing security.

In short, through our SIAM platform, everyone from startups to large enterprises, business and financial executives, to IP experts can collaborate on a business, technical, legal, or financial level to enhance efficiency, value, opportunities, and innovation to better manage their intangible assets.  

IPwe's SIAM Platform

IPwe’s Blockchain Technology

The IP Digital Transformation through IPwe’s SIAM Platform

The IPwe Smart Intangible Asset Management Platform accelerates the digital transformation of IP which IPwe is calling “The IP Digital Transformation” or “The IP Dx”.

IPwe Digital Assets Patent NFTs

At the base of IPwe’s SIAM Platform are IPwe Digital Assets, patent NFTs. We have designed and built these tools over the last 3 years with IBM and Casper.

With our patent NFTs, business leaders can finally track their innovation. Digital Assets allow you to digitally capture everything from trade secrets and know-how to pending applications and issued patents, acting as the single “source of truth” for data related to each IP asset in your portfolio. 

IPwe uses SIAM’s data to populate relevant, verified public information about your IP into the related NFT. After you unlock and access your IPwe Digital Assets, you control whether you will let others view the associated data or not.