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NEW: Smart Tech Groups

NEW: Smart Tech Groups

NEW Smart Intangible Asset Management Feature: Smart Tech Groups

Welcome to a future where managing extensive patent portfolios is no longer an exhaustive effort. Introducing the latest feature by Smart Intangible Asset Management (SIAM) – Smart Tech Groups. This SIAM feature is designed to employ advanced AI technology and a refined blend of curated patent data to redefine patent exploration and AI portfolio analysis. Essentially, the feature summarizes patent portfolios with AI.

A Dive into the Complexity of Patent Portfolios

Consider Apple and its formidable portfolio of 50,000 patents. Grappling with such extensive data, the Apple IP team would traditionally need weeks or even months to summarize the core coverage of their portfolio. This process is not only meticulous but also resource-intensive, requiring a profound level of expertise in IP management and an in-depth understanding of technology areas.

The AI Advantage with Smart Tech Groups

Enter Smart Tech Groups, an advanced featured to this global challenge faced by many companies. The fundamental advantage? AI’s capability to sift through and summarize vast patent data in mere seconds – a feat unattainable by even the most proficient IP experts.

In-Depth: How Smart Tech Groups Operates

Embark on a journey with us through a new Smart Intangible Asset Management feature that promises to elevate your IP management. Firstly, users select ‘Digital Assets’ and navigate to the ‘Tech Groups’ tab. A user-friendly interface greets them, where the AI seamlessly organizes patents into relevant technology areas. Instantly, Tech Groups present themselves, demanding no specific IP expertise yet offering a comprehensive portfolio view.

Taking Netflix as a case in point, the default view displays 5 high-level Tech Groups. It’s essential to note that Tech Groups adapt dynamically, reflecting the ever-changing size and diversity of any portfolio. Patent exploration through 3 distinct granularity levels offers advanced insight, from a high-level view, through medium granularity, and the highest granularity. Tech Groups summarizes patent portfolios with AI through these various granularities.

Users revel in a myriad of viewing options, encountering images,  descriptions, and tags across all levels, while also maintaining control over titles for a personalized touch. A click unveils in-depth data – Valuation, Average Quality Score, Average Validity Score,and Rating, all crucial metrics enhancing portfolio comprehension. Furthermore, a stroll through individual assets provides a closer look at valuations,ratings, and industry categories. And these valuations and scores undergo weekly updates to ensure pertinent insights.

Competitor Insight and Effective Data Management

Diving deeper, the feature also empowers you to dissect competitor’s portfolios – examining Apple’s in Netflix’s scenario. Utilizing the search bar grants specialized insights into precise technologies like ‘streaming’ or ‘media’. This search refines your competitive intelligence by allowing navigation through entire Tech Groups instead of isolated assets.

Moreover, Tech Groups also values data mobility. Every view, from individual assets to exhaustive data sets, can transition smoothly to Excel, promising untroubled data management and additional analysis.

The Transformative Impact of Smart Tech Groups on Patent Management

In a realm where technological advancements dictate the pace of innovation, navigating through patent portfolios with accuracy and speed isn’t just crucial; it’s imperative. Smart Tech Groups not only facilitates this but ensures companies stay abreast of their IP assets and that of competitors via AI portfolio analysis.


Smart Tech Groups is not merely a feature. It is catalyst for evolution in the realm of patent management. By simplifying and streamlining a notably complex process, it enables companies to manage, comprehend, and strategize their patent portfolios with newfound ease and precision. Ready to revolutionize your approach to managing intellectual property? Your path to intuitive, efficient patent exploration and management commences with  Tech Groups. Embrace the future where AI does not replace, but effectively amplifies human expertise in navigating the world of patents.

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