IPwe at Blockchain Hub Davos 2023

IPwe at Blockchain Hub Davos 2023

IPwe at Blockchain Hub Davos 2023

IPwe’s Announcements from Davos:

During the week of the World Economic Forum, IPwe at Blockchain Hub 2023 captured attention with IPwe’s highlights from Davos, Switzerland. First, IPwe announced a groundbreaking milestone on January 18th, 2023, unveiling the largest enterprise blockchain deployment in history: 25 million IPwe Digital Assets. This monumental deployment of 25M NFTs on the Casper Network marked a pivotal moment, demonstrating the first true blockchain and NFT use case for enterprises and opening up unprecedented opportunities for intellectual property (IP) owners.

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Additionally, as part of IPwe’s announcements from Davos, the company launched Smart Intangible Asset Management (SIAM). SIAM, IPwe’s AI and blockchain-powered SaaS IP management strategy terminal, equips users with essential data, analytics, indices, and value realization tools. It enables them to effectively manage and transform IP into a more valuable business asset in the digital, Web 3.0 world. IPwe’s highlights from Davos not only captivated audiences but also left a lasting impact.

Deployment of 25 Million Patent NFTs

During the Blockchain Hub event, Leann Pinto, IPwe’s CEO, proudly announced the deployment of 25M patent NFTs with Daniela Barbosa, Executive Director of the Hyperledger Foundation and General Manager of Blockchain and Identity at the Linux Foundation, and Medha Parlikar, CTO and CoFounder of Casper Labs. Together, these three accomplished women in the blockchain sector celebrated this momentous deployment.


IPwe Digital Assets – Patent NFTs

IPwe chose Casper Network blockchain technology to mint unique digital representations of granted patents. These digital representations—IPwe Digital Assets—are centralized, immutable value record stores of verified public and private patent data. The dynamic NFTs expedite discovery, analytics, and valuations to create a more valuable business asset.

IPwe’s use of blockchain significantly enhances the efficiency of IP transactions by automating the process and reducing the resources needed to verify ownership, allowing companies to pursue microtransactions involving non-core IP that were previously too costly to pursue. This creates new opportunities for revenue generation and liquidity for IP assets.

Comments from Daniela Barbosa: IPwe’s Highlights from Davos

One of the notable highlights from Davos for IPwe was Daniela Barbosa’s comments about the company during the event. Daniela started by mentioning the open source contributions made by Hyperledger over the past seven years in the space. These projects have played a crucial role in the global development of blockchain technology. Daniela highlighted how the deployment of 25M NFTs would have been unimaginable seven years. Initially, there was hesitancy to integrate even permissioned and public blockchains, but today, the future embraces a continuum of both, as IPwe doing.

Furthermore, Daniela continued to discuss how Hyperledger is dedicated to identifying new use cases and developing open source code projects to support them. The collaboration between the Linux Foundation, end user customers, and public blockchain layer organizations lead to the creation of improved solutions. Despite the progress made, Daniela did recognize that interoperability remains a significant challenge in the blockchain industry. Hyperledger is actively working on solving this issue and addressing identity concerns, such as IPwe’s utilization of Smart Contracts.

Daniela expressed gratitude to IPwe for their leadership in the ecosystem and expressed enthusiasm for working with IPwe’s customers in the future.

Comments from Medha Parlikar: IPwe’s Announcements at Davos

Medha Parlikar, CTO of CasperLabs, is also highly optimistic about the potential of IPwe’s work and its real world application in the enterprise adoption of a public protocol. During the event, she publicly expressed her excitement for IPwe’s pioneering efforts and the valuable insights it has brought to the forefront.

Medha also highlighted that IPwe’s work had identified a concerning issue in the patent industry. She noted that unauthorized individuals conduct an alarming 10 to 15 percent of all patent transactions. Medha believes IPwe’s solutions will fix this lack of provenance for patents and IP.

Furthermore, Medha is enthusiastic about IPwe’s future roadmap, which she views as a testament to the promise of blockchain technology. Medha is thrilled that Casper has partnered with IPwe, describing IPwe as a tremendous innovator. She believes IPwe will positively impact the industry, contributing to the growth and adoption of blockchain technology. Medha anticipates exciting developments and looks forward to seeing the impact of IPwe’s work in the IP space.

Launch of SIAM

IPwe’s announcements at Davos focused on the official launch of Smart Intangible Asset Management (SIAM). SIAM provides businesses with the necessary tools for IP strategy management. This includes data, analytics, indices, and value realization. These features finally enable companies to manage and convert IP into a more valuable business asset within the digital world.

SIAM’s comprehensive and automated analysis enables innovation leaders to quantify and track the financial performance of their IP assets. It also enables companies to benchmark their portfolios against their peers and competitors for informed decision making.

Many companies struggle with IP management and understanding, even though intangible assets comprise approximately 90% of most companies’ balance sheets. SIAM directly addresses these common issues of IP underutilization and undervaluation. By tokenizing IP, and generating financial metrics, and insights, SIAM helps businesses quickly understand their portfolio’s value, quality, and future strategy.

IPwe Digital Assets are centralized, immutable value record stores of verified public and private patent data. These dynamic NFTs expedite discovery, analytics, and valuations to then create a more valuable business asset.

Photo of Leann Pinto who made IPwe's highlights and IPwe's announcements from Davos“IPwe’s launch of SIAM and concurrent deployment of 25 million IPwe Digital Asset patent NFTs,

are major milestones for IPwe. These revolutionary tools combined are real game changers for the IP space, representing a true manifestation of the promise of blockchain for enterprise,” said Leann Pinto, IPwe CEO. “SIAM marks a significant advancement in how IP assets are valued and transacted and how performance will be measured across the business. With our solutions, we are excited to finally enable enterprises to understand and realize the full potential of their portfolios and facilitate the growth of the global IP transaction market.”

Conclusion: IPwe at Blockchain Hub Davos 2023

During IPwe‘s highlights from Davos, we showcased the company’s commitment to driving change in IP strategy management. One of IPwe’s announcements at Davos was the introduction of SIAM. SIAM is IPwe’s AI and blockchain powered SaaS IP management strategy terminal.

SIAM provides businesses with the necessary tools for IP strategy management. This includes data, analytics, indices, and value realization. These features enable companies to manage and convert IP into a more valuable business asset within the digital world.

Who is IPwe? IPwe is a global financial technology company that is revolutionizing the IP space. Our mission is to leverage cutting-edge technology and world-class Clarivate data sets to become the Bloomberg of IP. We empower companies to gain a financial perspective on their portfolios. This perspective enables companies to make informed decisions that maximize value and foster innovation.

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