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NEW: Third Party Competitor and Peer Analytics

NEW: Third Party Competitor and Peer Analytics

Smart Intangible Asset Management’s (SIAM) New Third-Party Competitor and Peer Analytics Feature

Businesses looking to harness the power of patent analytics turn to Smart Intangible Asset Management (SIAM) as an indispensable tool, which notably already enables benchmarking on SIAM dashboards. Now, businesses that use SIAM can dive deeper into both their data and that of their competitors with greater ease. The new SIAM feature, Third-Party Competitor and Peer Analytics, not only offers real-time insights but also effectively bridges the gap between your patent strategy and your competitors. Furthermore, it ensures that you no longer spend hours deciding who patented what or categorizing the industry of your competitors’ patents to try to decipher their recent R&D.

Why Embrace SIAM’s Third-Party Competitor and Peer Analytics Feature?

In the information age, businesses distinguish themselves with data-driven decisions. When businesses ensure data is accurate and comprehensive, they inform their strategic moves and seize opportunities more quickly.

Yet, a challenge exists when applying this to intellectual property and patents: 

–   Your business might grasp its own portfolio’s analytics, but to understand competitors and peers, you often need disparate databases or have to outsource this to a law firm. 

–   The new SIAM feature provides an intuitive portal not only to your business’ insights but also to your competitors The system updates the analytics weekly, preparing it for side-by-side comparative analysis.

The New Smart Intangible Asset Management Feature

Competitor and Peer Analytics

IPwe built the new SIAM feature for ease. With just a few clicks, you can now shift from your own dashboard to a competitor’s or peer’s. You no longer need to gather data manually or cross-reference tediously with Excel sheets.

Here is a glimpse into the seamless process: 

–   You search a competitor or peer for analysis. SIAM provides all the necessary details, such as your competitor’s IPwe Patent Portfolio Valuation, Crown Jewels, and Average Patent / Valuation, in a dashboard that is ready for review. 

–   SIAM verifies and standardizes all data, ensuring meaningful benchmarking. 

–   You can effortlessly toggle dashboards, analyzing multiple datasets in one session.

Competitor and Peer Analytics Feature

What Insights are Generated?

This feature does not merely provide a superficial overview. It delves deeply, unveiling: 

–  Patent Portfolio Valuation: Using a transparent, publicly available methodology that calculates the total valuation of all your competitor’s granted patents. 

–   Valuation / Market Cap: This offers a snapshot of how your competitor’s patents proportionally contributes to the business’s financial standing. 

–   Valuation per Asset 


–   Portfolio Ratings: An AI-driven process uniformly evaluates all patents worldwide. It provides a standardized, unbiased rating for each of your competitor’s patents based on utilization. The system also aggregates individual patent ratings into the ‘IPwe Portfolio Rating’, making comparisons within industries and against competitors and peers more relevant. 

–   Crown Jewels: This identifies key value-driving patents by comparing their Quality and Validity scores both to an absolute benchmark threshold and to similar assets. 

–   Patents Certified for Monetization: AI ensures the patent surpasses a minimum quality threshold and confirms that the public ownership record matches your competitor. 

–   Other: Our AI even identifies how many of your competitors’ patents are in need of quality improvement. 

Unlimited Competitive Analytics Searches

Recognizing the unique requirements of innovative businesses, Smart Intangible Asset Management’s new feature offers limitless searches. This enables you to delve into innumerable business dashboards, refining your competitor analysis to the minutest detail. The icing on the cake? No setup hassles – simply enter any business name into the search.


Which Internal Roles Stand to Benefit from This Feature?

The Competitor and Peer Analytics feature is tailored for a broad spectrum of roles, underscoring its utility. Amplifying its appeal, every SIAM subscription allows an unlimited internal users.

Chief Patent Officer, Chief Legal Officer, and IP Departments:

With the ability to compare ratings, IP teams can use the feature to more acutely determine the business’ IP strategy standing. Moreover, accessing pivotal competitor information, from Crown Jewels to patent lists and families, has never been simpler easier, not to mention more accurate.

When businesses harness Smart Intangible Asset Management’s Competitive Analytics, they do not just gain insights; they change their strategizing methods. They make decisions faster, analyze data in real-time, and eliminate guesswork.

Moreover, businesses can expect:

–   Swift strategy alterations based on real-time data.

–   Comprehensive market understanding, leading to informed decisions.

–   Enhanced collaboration as teams work with the most updated data.

Chief Financial Officer:

Finance experts can use the competitive analytics feature to delve deeper into business’ broader valuation, finally taking into account their entire patent portfolio. When juxtaposed with competitors, it provides a profound insight into the company’s intangible asset worth in the overarching market.

Head of Engineering and Chief Information Officer:

R&D trailblazers can meticulously analyze a competitor’s portfolio to not only understand their R&D direction, but also take into account their own existing portfolio when innovating.

SIAM: Your Tool for Competitive Intelligence 

New Smart Intangible Asset Management Feature, Competitor and Peer Analytics


If you already use SIAM, unlock the full potential of Third-Party Competitor and Peer Analytics now. Contact your SIAM representative, and they will guide you further. If you have not tried SIAM yet but want comprehensive market insights, let’s talk, so we can show you how the right data transforms strategic decision-making.

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