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Make your company’s 3GPP delegates more efficient and increase your SEP yield

Why should my company participate in technical standardization?
At the heartbeat of 3GPP standardization.
Designed specifically for IPR professionals.
Retrieve TDocs quicker
Organize TDoc review better
Track TDoc evolution easier
Prepare 3GPP meetings remotely

Make your technical decisions on the basis that all important
aspects have been properly included
along your thinking process

What do I get?
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Clarity & Structure

Use dynamic filters that allow to focus on different dimensions in real time. Refine your search queries to focus and delve into what really matters for your technical decisions.

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Focus & Speed

Review newly uploaded TDcos quickly and be prepared before, during and after each 3GPP meeting. Help your delegates stay organized and keep up the pace.

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We do not log or preserve any user activities in any form. They are discarded as soon as search results are returned to your browser via an end-to-end encrypted SSL channel.

Why participate in technical standardization?

Most open innovation initiatives are led by technical standardization bodies like 3GPP.

Not participating means missing out on strategic opportunities to influence the innovation roadmap.

There is no "small" entity. Every entity’s contributions can have a huge impact. Improve your standardization footprint by making your experts more efficient.

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