Manage IP Risk Intelligently and Proactively

Understand and proactively manage the risks surrounding your technologies and products with our newest pooling and IP defense solutions

platform on desktop and tablet

Defend Proactively

Tailored solutions to defend against competition, patent litigation, ITC / "injunction" courts and Non Practicing Entities (NPEs)

IP Insurance

IPwe's newest branch of patent insurance, deploying novel blockchain / parametric insurance technologies

Expertise & Consultation

Tap into industry-leading IP risk management expertise, including a suite of IP profile, risk assessment, and management plans

IPwe Defense
Tailored defense solutions for all scenarios
  • Identify, quantify, monitor and mitigate patent-related risk
  • Rebalance cross-licensing discussions
  • Counter Injunction risks
  • Fight potential abuse from Non-Practicing Entities
IPwe RM*
Blockchain powered IP insurance
  • Validity & Title Insurance
  • Risk management for infringement matters
  • Residual Value Insurance
IPwe Consulting
Industry leading IP risk management expertise
  • Risk Profile & Assessment
  • Risk Management with solutions
  • Anticipate and lower future costs