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Founder and CEO, Erich Spangenberg is a champion of innovative SMEs and patent-seeking investors. His track record is earning companies $2.5+ billion as a principal or advisory: $500 million in 1,000+ licensing transactions and $2+ billion in patent financing and acquisition transactions.

Are you an Intellectual Property Owner? Investor? Professional?

The IPwe team has earned companies $2.5+ billion.

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"IPwe’s Reports and Advisory Services are not just about our history but our future too. They provide recommendations using business metrics also in plain English, to tell our innovation story to investors and the market"

Brent Rasmussen - CEO at Visibly

Our Missions

Empower you with proven IP intelligence and the IPwe platform to profit from it

  • Obsessed with demystifying IP and its value– we show our clients how to protect against risk and realize revenues.
  • We apply AI and proprietary algorithms to our $2.5+ billion earnings' data for IPwe's unrivaled insights.

  • Be the most trusted source of verified IP assets in the world

  • We tokenized global patent data in a partnership with the world's most trusted brands

  • Patent Data Predicts the Success of Companies

    80 percent


    Success in obtaining a US patent led to 55% higher employment growth and 80% higher sales growth five years later*

    US SME:

    IP is critical for SMEs. It is hard for SMEs to compete against established firms without intellectual property*


    EU SME:
    High Growth

    EU SMEs who invest in IP assets are 21% more likely to be high growth enterprises*

    LEADING ASSET CLASS: S&P 500 Rally Powered by Intangible Assets

    84% of the corporate value of the S&P 500 is powered by intangible assets, including patents and intellectual property*



    IP assets such as brand names, customer data and trademarks gain value as Covid-19 upends traditional business models*

    IPwe Reports

    Ready to Learn Actionable Insights About Your IP – Right Now?

    Our Reports are driven by IPwe’s AI and proprietary algorithms around quality, validity and valuation, and are designed by the IPwe leadership team - experts in patent funding, financing, licensing and monetization.

    Find out what IPwe knows about your IP, and that of your competitors.

    Patent Technology

    We benchmark your key technology patents against your top competitors

    $500 +$30 monthly

    • Companies: understand your patents and their competitive strength
    • Investors: know the IP positions of your investments and companies of interest
    • IPwe Scores: what IPwe knows about your patents and their potential to predict your success 
    • IPwe Metrics: real comps that measure you against your competitors 
    • Top Patents: your most important patents 
    • IPwe’s Success: tap our expertise to win with IP 
    • High Value at a Low Price: get started working with IPwe 
    • Quarterly Updates: stay current with changes to your and competitors’ patents 
    • IPwe’s Advisory Services: become a member to be eligible for IPwe’s selection of leading innovative companies for financing opportunities
    • Patent Number: the listed price is for up to 50 patents (for greater than 50 patents,  contact us for pricing)
    • Key Patented Technology: the the report is for a single key technology; a company may have more than one technology 


    We help you understand whether your idea is patentable and strong versus the competition


    • Companies: understand if you can protect your idea 
    • Investors: know the patent potential of the innovation you invest in 
    • IPwe Scores: what IPwe knows about the potential for your idea 
    • Competition: the 15 most similar patent filings 
    • IPwe’s Success: tap our expertise to maximize the value of your idea 
    • High Value at a Low Price: get started working with IPwe 
    • Input: IPwe’s insights are based on a 50-500 word description 

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