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About The Metaverse


Over the coming years, the metaverse has the potential to become a multi trillion-dollar part of the world economy, open to all companies across the world. While the metaverse market reached about $500 billion in 2020, it is expected to be an $800 billion market by 2024 .

The metaverse holds incredible promise and that promise will be realized through innovation. As has happened with other important technologies, the hope for opportunity, democratization, and participation by many can be dispelled as the power associated with that technology becomes concentrated into the hands of a few large corporations. Individual innovators and small and medium enterprises (“SMEs”) that most often initially drive innovation become marginalized as economics based on the lowest cost of capital takes over.

The Metaverse Smart Pool is designed to permit innovation leaders in the space to make their innovations available to other participants in the industry that can be built on and improved upon. It strikes a balance between open innovation and a fair return for innovators. SMEs are able to participate and build on innovation at no cost (for smaller entities) or a very low annual cost for larger SMEs. Innovators are able to encourage adoption and generate a reasonable return on their innovation efforts. The largest corporations can participate on terms that are balanced taking into account the relative power of the innovators that will build the metaverse.

What do I get as a Smart Pool Member?

IPwe Smart Pools are a powerful tool to manage your litigation risks, especially in emerging technology areas where IP
landscapes are very dynamic. Our license solution has you covered while any existing gaps are closed by the defensive benefits.

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Freedom to Operate

Get licenses to the relevant patents through leading technology founders by signing up for a simple, one-stop IP solution. Instead of wasting time in litigation, your R&D team can focus on implementing your technology and developing features that build a competitive advantage.

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Defensive Benefits

If a third-party infringement allegation happens to arise, despite the growing FTO coverage of the pool, we can help you strike back. The IPwe AI engine equips you with actionable litigation arguments while providing you with licensed pool patents from business leaders as counter-leverage.

Metaverse Smart Pool Members


Our Smart Pool price models are based on annual revenue-tiers and flexibility to cope with the constant
growth of the pool, but limited by a cap and floor to provide maximum budgeting transparency.

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