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About The Blockchain Smart Pool


nChain, an enterprise-grade blockchain company, is the first Founder of the Blockchain Smart Pool. The Blockchain Smart Pool provides established businesses and entrepreneurs an accessible path to build blockchain-based solutions through a robust portfolio of patents, starting with over 1,250 patents and patent applications from nChain.

The Blockchain Smart Pool can facilitate the adoption and product development needed for blockchain technology to become part of global technology infrastructure. Participation in the Smart Pool does not require members to make long-term commitments of their innovations.

Through membership, participants reduce their due diligence efforts required to assess existing inventions and thus more efficiently manage a key commercial risk with the opportunity to build on and improve innovation in the blockchain ecosystem.

What do I get as a Blockchain Smart Pool Member?

IPwe Smart Pools are a powerful tool to manage your litigation risks, especially in emerging technology areas where IP
landscapes are very dynamic. Our license solution has you covered while any existing gaps are closed by the defensive benefits.

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Freedom to Operate

Get licenses to the relevant patents through leading technology founders by signing up for a simple, one-stop IP solution. Instead of wasting time in litigation, your R&D team can focus on implementing your technology and developing features that build a competitive advantage.

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Defensive Benefits

If a third-party infringement allegation happens to arise, despite the growing FTO coverage of the pool, we can help you strike back. The IPwe AI engine equips you with actionable litigation arguments while providing you with licensed pool patents from business leaders as counter-leverage.

Blockchain Smart Pool Members


Our Smart Pool price models are based on annual revenue-tiers and flexibility to cope with the constant
growth of the pool, but limited by a cap and floor to provide maximum budgeting transparency.

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