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Our Smart Pools are an effective tool for broad
licensing saturation and risk management.
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What makes our pools “smart”

IP licensing is all about striking the right balance.

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Our Smart Pools appeal to patent owners

1 Because low transaction costs enable patent owners to license at a competitive price point
2 Competitive license pricing facilitates high technology adoption and high license saturation levels
3 High technology adoption results in interoperability of solutions and end consumer satisfaction
4 High license saturation means less free riding by your competitors, less litigation expenses, and higher licensing revenues

Our Smart Pools appeal to technology implementers

1 Because a Smart Pool is a one-stop-shop to acquire the licenses needed to enter an emerging tech market at a feasible price point
2 Future litigation risks are mitigated by defense features
3 Simple, flexible, and predictable payments that eliminate the need for per-unit expensive royalties with auditing duties
4 There are no recurring contract administration efforts once signed up.

How a Smart Pool works

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Tech Leaders
  • Recognized tech leaders
  • Contribute rights to license patents – not grant ownership
  • Gain significant revenue on assets that would otherwise be underutilized
  • Encourage adoption
  • Maintain control of how your assets are licensed
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Patented Technology
Adoption / ROI

IPwe Smart Pool

  • Handles all operations
  • No additional corporate resources required
  • No hidden fees or costs
  • Provides transparency
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Small, Medium, and Large Enterprises
  • Freedom to Operate
  • Risk mitigation
  • Low costs — subscription based on revenue tiers
  • Anti-troll benefits
Traditional Patent Pool
  • Inefficient and expensive
  • High transaction costs
  • Not innovation oriented
  • Often led by litigation
IPwe Smart Pool
  • Efficient and transparent
  • Lower transaction costs
  • Adoption and innovation driven
  • Lower cost and high adoption volume
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