From AI-based answers to
Smart Advisory Services

We deliver the value and insights to build lasting relationships with our clients.

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Refine Insights

Our platform provides AI-based answers to the most pressing questions for your business. But we acknowledge that “AI” is not a magic answering machine – and our Smart Services are designed to start at where the AI takes you.

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Develop Strategies

We can help you get the most out of your existing IP strategy by maximizing the value of your intangibles based on your business specific needs. For example, IPwe can help you monetize your assets early on to enhance your R&D and ROI or can aid in documenting value during funding series or M&A processes.

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Execute on any of the actionable business answers provided by us, get a second opinion on IP-related items, and find an ideal and challenging partner for your IP attorney. We know the rules of the patent game.

Effectively evaluate patents as they relate to
your organization, competitors and the market.

Portfolio Features

Identifying value in your portfolio and its specific value drivers – such as top patents, their specific protection scope, and key technical features of your solutions.

Portfolio vs Landscape

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of protection profiles for relevant Patent Competitors and their relations to your Portfolio.

Portfolio vs Market

Analysis of products, services or solutions currently in the marketplace related to your Portfolio.

Our deliverables

Patent Scope Analysis
  • What do we have in our patent portfolio?
  • Are we protecting the right areas?
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Patent Landscape
  • What does our competition have in their patent portfolio?
  • How do our assets compare?
  • What is coming next?
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Competitive Patent Position
  • What patents do we have that are most relevant to our products and our competitors’ products?
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Roadmap to Enhancement
  • How can we improve our patent ROI by increasing relevancy, adoption and revenue and decreasing costs?
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We document your specific value drivers and make the full documentation
accessible and usable for your business during each step along the journey.

We work around you
and your priorities
No lock in period - you may proceed at any stage
Long-term value and expert insights to build lasting relationships with our clients
How do I benefit?
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Stronger Patent Position

Gain a competitive market advantage over current and future competition

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Increased Monetization

Transactions through the IPwe Platform which is vastly more efficient than existing methods

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Risk Mitigation

Identify weaknesses and help defend your patent position

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