Promote Technology Adoption and Increase Commercial Opportunities

IPwe’s Smart Pools are designed to give technology leaders the ability to monetize the emerging portions of their patent portfolio through blockchain-enabled patent pools that give innovators the freedom to innovate with access to the newest technologies.

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Founders contribute the rights to license their patents to the pool
Members use these patent licenses to access the newest technologies
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Current Smart Pools

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IPwe’s Smart Pools are designed for technology leaders — Founders — and companies that want freedom to innovate — Members


Companies that want not only the Freedom to Innovate, but also to shorten their innovation-to-product cycles in emerging technology areas

  • Enhance your IP profile
  • Mitigate risk
  • Build on fundamental technology
  • Pay an extremely low annual fee based on revenue

Technology leaders that enable the adoption of emerging technologies by contributing the rights to license their patents—without granting ownership  

  • Monetize patents in your portfolio
  • Get a fair return on your IP investment
  • Unlock new revenue streams at no additional cost
Smart Pools

Why Our Members
Love Us

Freedom to Innovate
Basically, establishing the Freedom to Innovate means ensuring that your products and services do not infringe on Intellectual Property rights
Low Membership Fees
Our members pay a yearly subscription that starts at $100 for SMEs
Risk Mitigation
Quickly gain the Freedom to Innovate by building on Founders' existing technologies, dramatically reducing risk, and deterring patent abuse
Smart Pools

Why Our Founders
Love Us

2 Week Set Up Time
The typical setup for traditional patent pools can be a year-long painstaking process. However, our pools are launched after 2 weeks, promising a quicker and more efficient path to innovation.
Adoption of Their Technologies
Because early-stage technologies do not fit traditional pooling and licensing models, adoption is key to your business model
Unlock New Revenue Streams at No Cost
90% of the revenue generated from Smart Pools goes to the Founders, meaning that you can encourage the adoption of your technology while monetizing your patents.
Smart Pools

Frequently Asked Questions

I heard other patent pools do not allow patent owners to take patents with them that they contributed/pledged when they leave the patent pool. Is that true here?

No, IPwe is unique in this respect. For instance, IPwe’s Smart Pools allow Founders to take their patents with them if they decide to leave the Pool. In sum, there is no risk to the Founders.

Do I have to contribute my own patents to join as Member?

No, the licenses to patents are provided by the Founders only. There is a thorough screening prior to this to ensure all patents contributed are of high quality.

Can I use the patents for my own offerings?

Certainly, you may. As a result, your business can maintain Freedom to Innovate. In addition, you also can leverage the patent licenses to expand and develop your own offerings.

Can I view other Smart Pool Members?

Certainly, our platform provides a community section to view and connect with other innovators in your space. By doing so, we encourage collaboration and growth through our platform

How do I know which patents are relevant to my product offering?

Our advanced artificial intelligence automatically searches through your required needs and matches them with relevant patent claims

How does 'blockchain’ technology power Smart Pools?

Each patent on our platform is tokenized as an IPwe Digital Asset to streamline the licensing process, cutting costs and time for all parties involved

I work with open source, why do I need patents?

Open-source technology often has built-in additional features from third-party developers that are patentable. So, accessing patent licenses by joining a Smart Pool is often still relevant and necessary for businesses.

Are there additional costs?

IPwe's Smart Pools have been designed to be simple and hassle-free. Hence, we provide a blanket license to all patents available- taking away the need for additional licensing costs or hidden fees

Is there an exit fee?

No, we want our early adopters to understand the value of our platform without the pressure of committing to fees further down the line.

Do Smart Pools require exclusivity from other patent pools?

IPwe's mission is to promote and encourage innovation with cutting-edge technologies so business leaders can better manage intangible assets. Therefore, we do not require exclusivity from other patent pools. In fact, we provide the best means to promote innovation and will not set out further obstacles with an exclusivity requirement.