The Sharing Economy for Intellectual Property Assets

Smart Pools enable companies to share the right to license their patents while also retaining IP ownership. This also makes it easy for other companies, Members, to access licenses in one technology area from a single source, the Smart Pool, by paying an annual fee. The revenue generated from these licenses is then shared among Founders.

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First, Founders contribute the rights to license their patents to the pool
Members then use these licenses to access the latest technologies
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Smart Pools

Current Smart Pools

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Digital Link
Siemens Energy Assets
Maersk Assets
Smart Pools

Smart Pools foster a sharing economy for IP assets, designed for technology leaders — Founders — and companies seeking the Freedom to Innovate — Members.


Companies that want access licenses in one technology area from a single source, the Smart Pool, by just paying an annual fee.

  • Enhance your IP profile
  • Mitigate risk
  • Build on fundamental technology
  • Pay an extremely low annual fee based on revenue

Companies that want to share the right to license their patents while still retaining IP ownership.

  • Monetize non-core patents in your portfolio
  • Get a fair return on your IP investment
  • Unlock new revenue streams at no additional cost
Smart Pools

Why Our Members
Love Us

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Freedom to Innovate
Establishing the Freedom to Innovate means taking measures to ensure that your products and services do not infringe on other companies' IP rights.
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Low Membership Fees
Our members pay a yearly subscription that starts at $100 for SMEs.
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Risk Mitigation
Quickly gain the Freedom to Innovate by building on Founders' existing technologies, dramatically reducing risk, and also deterring patent abuse

Super excited to be a part of IPwe’s Blockchain Smart Pool. This initiative is a major benefit for the growth of the overall industry and at the same time it will decrease our burn rate by allowing us to focus on the things we do best. A true win/win.


A. Donahue Baker, Co-Founder and CEO

We are grateful and excited to be part of IPwe’s Blockchain Smart Pool. We believe that this initiative provides the necessary elements for growth and adoption in the blockchain space through the coopetition of all stakeholders involved.


Alexis Nicolaou, Board Member

IPwe’s Blockchain Smart Pool helps us access blockchain tech and facilitate efficient insurance claims payment. We anticipate collaboration with leading IPwe Blockchain Smart Pool Founders.


Dr. Wilson Cheung, Director

Great to see the incredible work done by IPwe. We are excited to be a part of the Blockchain Smart Pool.


Gavin Gillas, CEO

We are thrilled to be working with IPwe to enable ePlay Digital to protect, democratize, manage risk, and innovate our sports and entertainment worlds with advanced metaverse, web3, and blockchain technologies.


Trevor Doerksen, CEO
Trevor Doerksen

TimeChain Labs takes pride in being a member of the IPwe Blockchain Smart Pool and looks forward to leveraging the collective strength of all kindred spirits in building the future of internet and finance.


Rohan Sharan, Founder

We are thrilled to be a part of this initiative by IPwe to enable SMEs to democratize access to innovations through the power of blockchain technology.


Hussein Hallak, Founder and CEO
Hussein Hallak
Smart Pools

Why Our Founders
Love Us

2 Week Set Up Time
The typical setup for traditional patent pools can be a year long painstaking process. However, our pools are launched after 2 weeks, promising a quicker and more efficient path to innovation.
Adoption of Their Technologies
Because early stage technologies do not fit traditional pooling and licensing models, adoption is key to your business model.
Unlock New Revenue Streams at No Cost
90% of the revenue generated from Smart Pools goes to the Founders, meaning that you can then encourage the adoption of your technology while monetizing your patents.

Time is running out, so we need to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable world technologically, as best we can. Innovations are an effective way to do this; they help to make our energy systems more climate-friendly. That is why Siemens Energy is engaging as Founder of the ESG Smart Pool.

Dr. Ishak Jonas Isik, Head of Intellectual Property at Siemens Energy

As a Founder of the ESG Smart Pool, Maersk strongly backs its purpose by making a clear and measurable contribution to foster innovation and enable faster adoption of technologies that will improve life for all.

Simone Frattasi, Head of Global IP at Maersk

Widespread adoption of a standard is only possible with the involvement and commitment of standards bodies, industry partners, manufacturers and intellectual property rights holders. Based on several relevant patents, the Digital Link Smart Pool offers a unique framework in the field of interactive packaging – not only granting the freedom to operate but also offering defensive benefits to protect brand owners.


Laurent Tonnelier, President
Laurent Tonnelier

We are elated to become a Founder of IPwe’s Digital Link Smart Pool. This new venture, using our most relevant patents, together with MOBILEAD, will facilitate access to the brand ecosystem, enabling SMEs and enterprises to secure QR Code reading with the most efficient digital technology from ATT.


Jérôme Pichot, Founder