Financial Inclusion for
IP-Rich Companies

Smart Lending offers access to funding opportunities for IP-rich companies whose tangible metrics do not give them access to typical credit financing, but do qualify them for IP lending or patent lending.

Screenshot of IPwe's IP Platform - Asset List and Smart Lending

Smart Lending is Tailored for Companies that:

Are seeking $10M to $100M
in credit-based funding

Have valuable IP assets

Do not fit traditional credit profile
but have attractive prospects

Are located in the US or

Smart Lending

Funding Based on Cutting- Edge Technologies

Our technology assesses a company’s value using IPwe’s advanced AI technology and patent data that has generated $2B+ in patent funding.

Accurate Valuations
Based on the potential realizable value of your company’s intellectual property portfolio.
Increased Funding Opportunities
For IP-rich companies whose tangible metrics do not give them access to typical credit financing.
Critical Inflection Point
We focus on companies that are at the cusp of significantly enhancing their potential value with additional financing.
Smart Lending

3 Reasons to
Choose IPwe’s
Smart Lending

Erich Spangenberg is widely known as one of the top creative deal makers in the IP space. He has been involved as a principal in over 1,500 licensing transactions generating over $500M in revenue, as a principal on over $2B in IP financings and as an advisor on over $2B of IP acquisitions and financings.
Financial Inclusion
IPwe increases funding opportunities for IP-rich companies.
Advanced AI and Patent Data
Our proprietary algorithms are enabled by data that has been cultivated over the last 15 years, meaning that we can identify opportunities for your IP that no one else can.
Smart Lending

How Smart
Lending Works

Step 1
Apply online
Provide basic information about your business in our online application
Step 2
IPwe conducts initial patent and credit analysis to determine your patent's lending ability
To determine if your business and IP assets meet our requirements
Step 3
Receive a term sheet
IPwe will provide a non–binding term sheet for Senior Secured Term Loan facility secured by a pledge of your intellectual property assets
Step 4
Online Due Diligence Questionnaire
IPwe will provide access to an online Due Diligence Questionnaire that streamlines and accelerates the private credit transaction process
Step 5
Access funding
Your funds will typically be available within 30 days of the Online DDQ being filled out, so you can achieve the financial inclusion that you deserve
Smart Lending

Get Started with IPwe's Patent Lending

First, provide basic information about your business.

A picture of the Patent and IP Lending on IPwe's SIAM platform
Minimum qualifications
  • Business incorporated in US or EU
  • Valuable IP with significant realizable value
  • Seeking $10M - $100M in credit-based funding
  • Solid financial model and business plan and specific use of proceeds
What you need to apply
  • Company presentation
  • List of owned IP assets
  • Financial model