Smart Lending

Funding Based on Cutting-
Edge Technologies

Our technology assesses a company’s value using IPwe’s advanced AI platform and patent data that has generated $2B+ in patent-backed loans

Accurate Valuations
Based on the potential realizable value of your company’s intellectual property portfolio
Increased Funding Opportunities
For IP-rich companies whose tangible metrics do not give them access to typical credit financing
Critical Inflection Point
We focus on companies that are at the cusp of significantly enhancing their potential value with additional financing
Smart Lending

3 Reasons to
Choose IPwe’s
Smart Lending

Erich Spangenberg is widely known as one of the top creative dealmakers in the IP space. Additionally, he has been involved as a principal in over 1,500 licensing transactions generating over $400M in revenue, as a principal on over $2B in IP financings, and as an advisor on over $2B of IP acquisitions and financings
Financial Inclusion
IPwe increases funding opportunities for IP-rich companies
Advanced AI and Patent Data
Over the last 15 years, our data cultivation enables our proprietary algorithms to identify opportunities for your IP that no one else can.