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Smart Intangible Asset Management (SIAM) is IPwe‘s AI and blockchain powered IP management strategy tool, providing the data, analytics, indices, and value realization necessary to manage and convert IP into a more valuable business asset for the digital world.

Main dashboard of IPwe's Smart Intangible Asset Management, an IP management strategy tool
SIAM's Features
Who uses SIAM?

IP Management Strategy Software for Finance, IP Experts and Patent Dealmakers

Smart Intangible Asset Management provides the data, analytics, indices and value realization for companies to optimize their intellectual property strategy. Unlike traditional IP management software, SIAM is designed to be used by both the finance and IP business internally, regardless of their technical background.

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In-House Counsels
SIAM’s dynamic visual dashboards and easy to understand financial metrics empower in-house counsel to report their IP performance and justify IP budgeting to non-IP stakeholders in a clear, straightforward, financial-focused manner, without relying on technical jargon or resorting to quantitative terms.
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Chief Financial Officers
SIAM is the first IP software designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the performance of a company’s IP, the most valuable assets on the balance sheet. By benchmarking a company’s IP portfolio valuation metrics against competitors, SIAM enables non-IP experts with an understanding of their IP’s performance and position in the industry, allowing informed decisions to optimize IP investments and drive business growth.
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Chief Information Officers
SIAM is an essential tool for R&D leaders. From, benchmarking the financial performance of their company’s various industries and identifying which pillars have the most valuable IP, SIAM helps R&D leaders align IP valuation metrics with R&D spend and make informed decisions on where to invest resources for maximum ROI.
SIAM's Technology Stack

Streamlining IP Strategy with AI, Blockchain, and Proprietary Data

Smart Intangible Asset Management leverages blockchain and AI, along with unique API access to Clarivate’s patent database and data from multiple trusted sources. Ultimately, providing comprehensive and reliable information for our IP strategy analytics.

Since its inception, our AI technology has been developed continuously for over 15 years and is responsible for generating over $500 million in licensing revenue and over $2 billion in patent funding.

Since 2018, IPwe has been at the forefront of developing blockchain solutions for IP strategy, collaborating with leading blockchain providers such as IBM, Hyperledger, and CasperLabs.

Smart Intangible Asset Management, in addition to having unique API access to Clarivate’s patent database, also sources data from multiple trusted sources like IFI Claims and FactSet, as well as IPwe’s own proprietary patent data that has been collected since 2007.

Since 2007
Behind $400M+ in licensing transactions
& $2B+ in financing deals
Since 2018
In partnership with Casper Labs
Since 2007
Proprietary Data
Sourced directly from Clarivate, IFI Claims & FactSet

IPwe is a global financial technology company revolutionizing the IP space. Our mission is to become the go-to IP business analytics company—leveraging cutting-edge technology and world-class Clarivate data sets—to enable businesses to understand their portfolios from a financial viewpoint and make informed decisions to maximize value and innovation.

Leann Pinto, CEO
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SIAM's Features

Smart Intangible Asset Management (SIAM) Manages IP Better

Financial valuations on a patent, industry, and portfolio basis
Main dashboard of IPwe's Smart Intangible Asset Management, an IP management strategy tool
Objective ratings of your portfolio and patents
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Benchmark your portfolio against competitors and peers
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Identify the qualitatively superior assets—Crown Jewels — in your portfolio
Image of SIAM's crown jewels
Digitally transform your IP for secure management on the blockchain
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Identify in-platform value realization opportunities
Image of SIAM's Smart Transactions IPwe's patent marketplace
Main dashboard of IPwe's Smart Intangible Asset Management, an IP management strategy tool
SIAM's Technology Stack

Streamlining IP Strategy with AI, Blockchain, and Proprietary Data