Smartly Manage Intangible Assets Through Data-Driven Recommendations

IPwe helps you understand the financial metrics of your intangible assets with critical information for decision-makers in one single platform 

Smart Intangible Asset Management
Smart Intangible Asset Management

Instant answers
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proprietary algorithms

We built SIAM to abstract the complexity out of intellectual property and enable the C-Suite to intelligently manage their most valuable assets through verified data-driven insights 

Strength Analysis
Business, financial, and technical users can quickly access and analyze data on the quality of an entire patent portfolio, technology segments, or a single patent – think ratings like S&P and Moody’s
Smart Intangible Asset Management
Financial metrics that inform
Access valuations of how much your patent is worth today and over its remaining life so you can make better business decisions
Intangible Asset
Weekly reports
A straightforward explanation of the best strategic direction for your patent portfolio, illustrated with visual dashboards
Smart Intangible Asset Management

The IPwe Difference

By using 15 years of confidential patent data and advanced artificial intelligence, IPwe’s Smart Intangible Asset Management allows you to understand and track the value of your intangible assets like never before 

The IPwe Smart Intangible Asset Management Platform runs on blockchain technology. We created IPwe Digital Assets, our patent NFTs to provide a verified record of patent data so interested transaction partners can rely on a single platform for patent data and transact on that same platform 

Smart Intangible Asset Management is the only system that can verify it has been used to generate as principals:

in licensing
of funding
of direct investment

We are the only IP analytics system designed for decision-makers and IP experts

Smart Intangible Asset Management

Informed recommendations
for asset management decisions

Increase your innovation utilization
Keep track of your portfolio
Smart Intangible Asset Management
Project your portfolio performance
Intangible Asset
Benchmark against industry leaders
Smart Intangible Asset Management
Customized Pricing
Advisors, Law Firms, VCs or companies with an annual revenue over $500M can schedule a call with our sales team for customized pricing
Smart Intangible Asset Management Pricing

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Quickly estimate the yearly cost for your business to implement Smart Intangible Asset Management based on your annual revenue 

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