Beyond the Buzz & Here to Stay

Our Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFTs) provide the nurturing
ground for IP transactions and valuation

Tokenization happens “under the hood”. It will not impact the way you work — but revolutionize the way you review, transact, and valuate IP.

The benefits of IP tokenization

We have thoroughly considered which elements of the blockchain technology you need to excel and
tailored these elements to each distinct IP use case with our tech partners IBM and Casper. There are
6 benefits that you can yield just by tokenizing your IP on our platform.

Immutable Immutable card icon

One of the key attributes of blockchain technology is the immutability of a blockchain record. Data stored in our evidence layer cannot be manipulated and serves as an ideal basis for the documentation of value-building characteristics of your IP, and self-executing smart contracts to read from.

Reliable Reliable card icon

Before any data is added to our records, it undergoes a strict verification process. If any doubts remain about the accuracy, completeness, or integrity of ingested data, we flag it to you and your transaction partners. Consequent verification provides reliability and establishes trust that you are transacting with verified data.

Confidential Confidential card icon

We are convinced that transparency will ultimately benefit valuation but we understand that confidentiality secures competitive advantages. Your set of private keys gives you full control about which data points remain confidential, who can access a specific record, and for how long.

Efficient Efficient card icon

High transaction costs are the biggest obstacle for transactional efficiency in the IP space. We have developed an ever-growing set of algorithms that read blockchain records and handle specific contractual obligations automatically for you. This allows us to operate at comparably low costs.

Detailed Detailed card icon

IP transactions are mostly batch transactions such as whole portfolios, registered IP together with know how, IP together with FTO/non-asserts, etc. This makes it difficult to assign individual value metrics to specific IP rights which complicates pricing. Our History of Value tracks previous transactions and records transactional value shares per IP right.

Green Green card icon

We listened to your environmental concerns about blockchain technology and reacted to ensure environmental accountability while preserving your company’s ESG profile. Our tokens operate at a low gas cost and are certified by KPMG

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