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The World's first Global Patent Market

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IPwe is the first platform that combines the information and tools to identify, research, understand and transact in patents. The IPwe platform enables traditional transactions (licenses and acquisitions) and also empowers new classes of transactions like financings, maintenance fee payments and insurance.


Zuse Analytics

Zuse Analytics is an artificial intelligence-based tool developed by IP professionals and world-renowned artificial intelligence experts over the last 10 years that provides relevant patent information to a variety of users.

Patent Owner

IPwe Annuity Payment

Paying annuity fees for patent renewal does not need to be a complex endeavor. IPwe can make it simpler, completely transparent, faster and far less expensive than any other option.


IPwe Patent Licensing

Licensing patents does not need to be a complex endeavor. IPwe can make it simpler, faster and far less expensive to license patents for all parties involved.




IPwe Patent Sale

Buying and selling patents does not need to be a complex endeavor. IPwe can make it simpler, faster and far less expensive to purchase or sell patents.



In the field of Standard Essential Patents (SEP) where the assessment of patents is complex and where the clearing mechanism (i.e. courts) are outrageously expensive and time consuming, IPwe can contribute to eliminate frictions and provide a level playing field.


Patent Offices

IPwe has invested over $20 million into categorizing, analyzing and validating millions of patents granted by patent offices around the globe. Our goal is to increase the rate of innovation, commercialization and increase the ROI for government and private and non-profit stakeholders by lowering the barriers to entry for patent transactions.




IPWe Inc.

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