“Patent Tokenization: NFTs Break into Intellectual Property”

13 January 2022


Patent Tokenization: NFTs Break into Intellectual Property

The current process requires lawyers, contracts, a lot of paperwork, now by using NFTs the whole model is simplified”

Lavinia Meliti, IPwe’s Global Head of Business Development, was interviewed by Bloomberg Línea about how IPwe’s Smart Pools are striving to encourage adoption of emerging technologies, such as Blockchain and the Metaverse through patent NFTs that are leading Web3 intellectual property.

IPwe focuses on emerging technologies where tech leaders can contribute patents to, to further generate revenue, and SMEs can join for a small yearly subscription, to acquire the licenses needed to enter an emerging technology market at a feasible price point.

IPwe aims to remove all barriers to innovation for SMEs. With a smart IP strategy, backed by the expertise of an AI and blockchain-powered company like IPwe, SMEs have an opportunity to level up the playing field. They can enjoy easier access to groundbreaking patents, letting them pursue innovation efforts that are affordable and potentially lucrative.

To read the English version of the original article written by Daniel Salazar Castellanos, please visit Bloomberg Línea.

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