Photon Legal and IPwe bring blockchain powered patent transaction platform to India

Photon Legal and IPwe are pleased to announce their partnership that combines the India-based Intellectual Property law firm’s patent management offerings with IPwe’s suite of leading-edge services. The partnership will introduce the world’s first blockchain-powered IP management and transactions platform to India, allowing Photon Legal clients to enhance revenue generation and accelerate IP velocity.

Erich Spangenberg, CEO and Founder of IPwe, said: “IPwe is proud to add Photon legal to the IPwe Partner Network, joining best-of-breed IP professionals from around the world to pool resources, generate value and grow together. IP law firms like Photon Legal can leverage IPwe’s tools, infrastructure and our global network to service the needs of their customers at a scale, cost and quality that will be hard to contest.”

Prayank, Founding and Partner at Photon Legal, was quoted as saying: “Photon Legal is proud to offer a true one-stop solution for robust Intellectual Property portfolio management, and are pleased toaugment our suite of services by joining the IPwe Partner Network. We look forward to delivering the next phase of IP Asset Management in India, enabling our customers to unlock the true value of their IP assets.”

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IPwe is building the next generation of IP solutions for patent service providers giving our partners the tools, infrastructure and resources to better service the needs of existing customers at a scale, cost and quality that will be hard to compete with ultimately building real value for the end customer. Photon Legal and their team of IP experts are the latest global partners of the IPwe Partner Network.

About Photon Legal

Photon Legal provides its clients a ‘one-stop solution’ for a robust IP portfolio. It offers a combination of services, including assistance in filing, managing and enforcing patents under the counsel of patent attorneys and patent agents. The firm also conducts workshops and other awareness raising initiatives on Intellectual Property, its protection and paths to monetization for universities, start-ups, incubators and Indian/ international government bodies.

IPwe & Photon Legal

Photon Legal’s mission to provide their clients with ‘Customized services that couples quality with speed’ aligns with IPwe’s core principles of transparency and efficiency. Photon Legal will utilize IPwe’s extensive portfolio of services to enhance their offerings, in particular Photon Legal will benefit from the ability to automatically identify, research, understand and transact with patents, provided by The IPwe Platform.

IPwe’s blockchain-powered patent platform fosters innovation and helps patent owners to generate more revenue from their investments, unlocking value at each stage of the IP lifecycle. Working together, IPwe and Photon legal will help customers, in India and around the world to better manage, understand and extract the true value from their IP assets.

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