IPwe Delivers Keynote Speech at 2021 China Intellectual Property and Innovation Summit (CIPIS)

The 2021 China Intellectual Property & Innovation Summit (CIPIS) was held in Shanghai on April 8, purposed to connect China’s fast-moving innovation ecosystem with global companies and investors. Attendees included notable corporate representatives and management responsible for intellectual property management. IPwe was invited to attend and deliver a keynote speech during the event.

Henry Wang, President of IPwe China, delivered a keynote speech focusing on the theme of  “The Next Generation of Intellectual Property Asset Management”, sharing the rapid transformation of patents as a financial asset, ways to intelligently manage patent assets, and forward-thinking solutions to enable enterprises and organizations to leverage IP as a business asset while intelligently mitigating associated risks surrounding intellectual property.

Henry introduced IPwe’s PI Intelligence Engine – the AI tool driving force for analytics on the IPwe platform with a special focus on the patent’s lifeline, its validity. Pi is battle-tested and in use for over 10 years. It has been improved and refined since and helped to create over USD$500 million in revenues for its users to this point. The key competitive advantages beyond its maturity are its global reach (incl. over 120 million patents) and its tailor-fit to all users from beginner to practitioner.

IPwe harnesses the power of Pi to provide summary assessments of whole industry areas and groups of similar patents. Looking at the own IP and benchmarking it compared to the top 5 technology competitors helps companies pre-IPO to understand their strategic market position and commercialization potential. In addition, Pi can be used in its most granular assessment to review the prospects of the companies patents of surviving a validity challenge. A proper evaluation of its owned patents unlocks the value of this asset class. In doing so, it provides evidence to support every company’s valuation making it more attractive.

Henry highlighted core technologies and functions

  • How to evaluate prospect and project ROI for intellectual property assets
  • How to save cost by enhancing an IP portfolio for quality, not quantity
  • How to quickly find optimal buyers and sellers through the IPwe Global Patent Market
  • How to best mitigate risks associated with a company’s IP, technologies and products
  • How to gauge the ‘innovativeness’ and future commercialization opportunities of a patent
  • How to identify and strategically defend against top competitors
  • The best course(s) of action when fending off or defending against patent lawsuits
The keynote drew the attention of many heads of enterprises and scientific research institutions, who expressed keen interest to learn more about IPwe PI and the IPwe Platform, along with consultation services surrounding corporate intellectual property rights.

For large enterprises, universities, research institutes, law firms, and intellectual property agencies, the IPwe Platform brings a tremendously useful supplement to existing intellectual property management systems. For innovators, incubators, SMEs and smaller law firms, along with IP brokers, the IPwe Platform serves as a cost-effective IP arm for your business or organization.

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