IPwe Joins Hyperledger and Linux Foundation to Support the Collaborative Development of Blockchain for Intellectual Property Related Applications

June 8th, 2021:  Hong Kong, Paris and New York – IPwe today announces it has joined Hyperledger – the open source collaborative focused on developing a suite of stable frameworks, tools and libraries for enterprise-grade blockchain deployments. Hyperledger, which was established by the Linux Foundation in 2015,  brings industry-leading organizations together to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies.

IPwe has built its technology stack on both AI and blockchain, with a primary focus on verified patent data through public ledger, thereby creating the world’s first blockchain-powered patent platform. IPwe currently uses Hyperledger Fabric to support data-availability within its Global Patent Registry and for IPwe Smart Contracts, used to enforce patent agreements on the blockchain. The deployment of the first smart contracts designed and implemented on Hyperledger Fabric required a combined competence and expertise of blockchain and deep understanding of patents that few companies possess. 

“IPwe has been working with Hyperledger since 2018 to modernize the world’s IP system and improve the human condition,” said Erich Spangenberg, CEO and co-founder of IPwe. “We work closely with leading enterprise, government, university and SME partners to create the patent asset class which accelerates innovation and has measurable benefits for our partners. The importance of Hyperledger in the transformation of this critical asset class cannot be understated.”

All of this translates to the next generation of connected IP solutions, supported by IPwe’s in-house expertise, strategic partnerships, accessible from a unified ecosystem. IPwe’s partnership with IBM to deliver enterprise-grade IP solutions, bolstered by the recent announcement of the joint initiative with IBM to tokenize IP and deploy Patent NFTs supports the company’s commitment to deliver transparency, information, standardization and ease of interaction for the patent asset class. IPwe’s suite of blockchain-powered solutions, simplifying and accelerating how enterprises, inventors, and investors interact with their IP, align with what the Linux Foundation set out to do with Hyperledger from a new angle.