IPwe Expands Support for Standard Essential Patents

PARIS, France – March 15, 2021: IPwe, the world’s first global patent market that combines information and tools to identify, research, evaluate and transact in patents, announces that it is expanding its Standard Essential Patent (SEP) product offerings. The new capabilities will help to identify and evaluate the essentiality and validity prospects of SEPs – independent of their declaration status – at scale.

Dr. Jonas Block (Head of AI at IPwe) said, “SEPs are a core part of the patent landscape, yet the licensing process can be very difficult. The 5G cellular communications standard alone has over 25,000 self-declared essential patents, yet we know over-declaring is common. Our AI- and blockchain-driven platform with additional services is an ideal tool for fostering faster and easier identification and licensing transactions with improved information on the patents themselves.”

Dr. Block continued, “I have spent a large part of my career and my PhD thesis considering what can be done to improve the SEP system to the benefit of everyone involved – SEP owners, standard implementers, suppliers, Standard Setting Organizations, antitrust authorities and end consumers. This is a first step in that initiative towards a neutral and evidence-driven solution.”

The specific SEP related product offerings include:

  • Automated claim identification of potential SEPs, providing evidence for standard mapping
  • Tools for the preparation of standardization meetings, especially for 3GPP delegates (3rd Generation Partnership Project, an umbrella group for standards organizations in mobile communications)
  • SEP transactions (SEP sales and smart SEP licensing pools)

The SEP toolkit is available as part of the IPwe Pi offering. 

The SEP toolkit supports IPwe’s efforts to enable easier ways of conducting licensing transactions, including our anticipated launch of smart patent pools in Q2, 2021. Evidence-based discussions around SEPs and lower discovery costs will benefit the entire IP ecosystem and for the first time make it easier for smaller players to enter crowded standardization domains such as IoT.

About IPwe: IPwe is the world’s first Global Patent Market that combines the information and tools to identify, research, evaluate and transact in patents. Large enterprise, SMEs, owners, users, those looking to enhance their IP profiles and those with a legal, technical or financial focus all benefit from using the IPwe Platform.  IPwe operates in more than 50 countries around the world with offices in Asia, Europe, and North and South America.