IPwe announces Advisory Committee for University Technology Transfer Led by Ian McClure of the University of Kentucky

IPwe today announced the launch of an Advisory Committee for University Technology Transfer with a focus on tokenized patents as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). IPwe is also delighted to announce that the Advisory Committee will be chaired by Ian McClure of the University of Kentucky

The IPwe Platform productizes CEO Erich Spangenberg’s previous IP strategies. Erich selected (based on predictive and then AI analytics developed with an investment of $40 million) and took principal positions in companies based on their IP value. Employing this strategy, Erich and the IPwe team have completed $2.5+ billion in licensing, financing and acquisition transactions. The strategies from this proven track record are reflected in IPwe’s AI-driven IP analytics, proprietary algorithms and databases.

The mission at the launch of the Advisory Committee for University Technology Transfer is to explore how patent NFTs can facilitate the commercialization and market development of university innovations and discoveries, based on unique data attributes related to technology transfer” said Spangenberg. 

Ian McClure’s role as Chair of the Advisory Committee is based on his outstanding leadership in the technology transfer community, which will be invaluable to the exploratory work of the Committee. Ian, formerly the Executive Director of the Office of Technology Commercialization, is the Chair-Elect of AUTM and the Associate Vice President for Research, Innovation and Economic Impact at the University of Kentucky.

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