Henry Wang (IPwe China) spoke on ‘Next Gen IP Platform’ during 2020 International IP Operations and Securitization Summit

The 2020 International IP Operations and Securitization Exchange Summit took place in Guangzhou, gathering a wealth of IP experts from China and abroad. The International IP Summit, organized by Dr. Technology, brings domestic and international IP experts, technologists and talent to discuss pressing issues and what’s coming in scope of IP Operations and IP Securitization.

Henry Wang, President of IPwe China, was invited to speak during the panel regarding IP awareness in China – perhaps the most prolifically innovative country at present. Henry highlighted that IP awareness should be of highest priority in China – IP should not be regarded as a purely legal matter, with its impact on company finances being so significant. Instead, IP is very much a financial matter, and the only way to accelerate and optimize the value derived from IP and IP operations is by treating IP as a crucial asset class.

IPwe at China's IP Conference

Henry further explained why IP has become an important asset class in the Digital Economy Era and how IPwe provides the “next generation of internet platform” focused on IP, connecting its Global IPwe Network Partners to patent professionals on a single platform. The Platform goes further by leveraging AI-technologies its developed over the past 14 years to unlock new ways to leverage IP as an asset class, including IP Insurance and IP Financing, while delivering cost-effective IP solutions to SMEs and various early-stage organizations.

After the panel, a senior manager of Saichuang Weilai (VC and business incubator in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province) expressed interest in working with IPwe. Saichung Weilai have launched incubators in more than 10 cities in China, organizing hundreds of technology / innovation competitions annually to attract high-value projects to China. The company expressed its need to use IPwe’s AI-powered IP analytics to help identify and quantify the true IP strength and competitiveness of these projects. IPwe is pleased to work with such organizations such as Saichung, serving as launchpads in Chinese cities including Hangzhou, Taizhou, Ningbo, Qingdao and key international locations including Boston, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, and Munich.

During the Summit, Dr. Technology and IPwe signed and agreed to continue their collaboration to drive IP awareness in China and to deliver the best of IP solutions and resources to organizations supporting innovation in the country. 

For further information or to work with IPwe China, you may contact Henry Wang