IAM speaks with Erich Spangenberg on IP market outlook and how AI is transforming patent monetization and investment

erich spangenberg headshot

As technology demystifies IP, money will flow into the space like never before

-Erich Spangenberg
  • AI and blockchain not only mean quicker execution and lower transaction costs, but could also transform patent and IP management.
  • The technology is making patents understandable at a level adequate for non-experts – thus transforming patents as an asset class.
  • More money than ever before is flowing into the IP space and the sums are only going to increase.

In an exclusive interview with IAM, Erich Spangenberg talks candidly about the need to ‘dismantle silos’ in the world of intellectual property, how AI can fundamentally disrupt patent monetization & investment, and the roadmap for the IPwe platform to connect and centralize the decentralized IP ecosystem.