UPDATE – Duke Kunshan University and the IPwe Global IP Internship Program

Jan 13, 2021 – Suzhou, China: The IPwe Global IP Internship Program launched five months ago and has successfully provided enriching experiences for over 50 students from Duke Kunshan University and other universities. The paid internship opportunities allowed students to choose learning-paths within specialized areas of Intellectual Property (IP) and were given significant responsibility on global projects focusing on IP finance, transactions, and ecosystem marketing. 

The Cooperation Agreement provides intellectual property education and training for Duke Kunshan University students. Duke Kunshan University has been providing guidance, training and administration support for the program.

Promoting Innovation Throughout the IP Space

IPwe interns have learned about Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and other exponential technologies now being deployed in the IP space to gain a better understanding of innovation in the global economy of patents, which are transforming IP as an asset class.

Faye Xu, Officer for Duke Kunshan Career Services stated, “We are very grateful to IPwe for providing this remote internship opportunity to Duke Kunshan University students, especially under the COVID-19 situation when students are not able to do onsite internships. I talked to a few interns who spoke very highly of IPwe and their experiences there. They described their roles as being very challenging, but expressing that they learnt so much. This is exactly what we encourage our students to do – to always push the envelope.”

Brian Berman, VP of Strategic Partnerships at IPwe stated, “Duke Kunshan University’s career services is great to work with and has been providing excellent students in many different technology areas for our internship program. What I like most about Duke Kunshan University is that they are able to immediately provide many candidates with relevant backgrounds. IPwe looks forward to strengthening our relationship with Duke Kunshan University in 2021.” 

The goal of the IPwe Global IP Internship Program is to educate and expose future IP professionals to the future of Intellectual Property, providing them with a better understanding of the importance of IP in business, and lending advantages to their future careers.