Event Recap: 2020 China-EU Conference on IPR Protection & Innovation

December 8th, 2020: The China-EU Conference on IPR Protection Online & Innovation was held in Beijing, bringing industry luminaries and experts together for an in-depth discussion on IPR protection and enforcement from a global standpoint. Henry Wang, President of IPwe China, spoke to attendees from around the world on the New Technologies and Strategies enabling the next iteration of IP Risk Protection and Enforcement. 

Henry introduced the IPwe Platform, emphasizing key benefits of not only allowing patent transactions to be fast, economical, and automated, but also providing a new level of assurance and protection to patent owners through the platform’s ability to ensure transparency in contrast to the perplexing patent ecosystem. 

Henry spoke of IPwe’s mission to drive patent utilization by focusing on IP quality, and his belief that only the highest-quality patents can make a substantial difference when it comes to technology and patent protection. Wang explained that IPwe’s Artificial Intelligence technologies are used to deliver one-stop solutions to enable a far-better way to manage patent assets and workflows – ranging from simply applying for high-quality patents to utilizing these high-quality patents in the most worthwhile circumstances.

IPwe and China’s IP Ecosystem

IPwe has applied its leading-edge AI technologies to connect regional governments in areas of China to leverage their patent assets and connect to global markets via the company’s platform, localized for China’s use-cases. IPwe’s platform, running on the robust IBM Cloud enables patent transactions to be conducted through secure environments from anywhere in the world, resulting in faster transaction turnaround and considerably less-expensive transaction costs.  IPwe’s deep integration of blockchain technologies have benefited in both increasing IP transaction speed and safety while lowering costs.

Changing Landscape of China’s IP Protection

The increased cooperation and exchange between China and the EU echoes China’s recent amendment to its domestic patent laws, bolstering and aligning the country’s standing to international standards of patent protection. Future partnerships will be helped by the streamlining of uniform IP regulations driven by exchanges and initiatives like this conference.

About the Conference

China-EU Conference on IPR Protection Online & Innovation represents an international intellectual property exchange and cooperation program jointly created by CAASA and IP Key Asia, an IP-focused organization funded by the European Union Intellectual Property Office and has had long-standing collaborations with their key partner in China – CAASA, the China Anti-infringement and Anti-counterfeiting Innovation Strategic Alliance.

The seminar was the latest in a series of events co-organized by IP Key and CAASA since 2018, successfully fostered Intellectual Property collaboration between the E.U. and China. The series of events and exchanges have invited experts, technologists, and government representatives from the E.U. and China, along with IP enforcement agencies and service providers, industry representatives, and academic institutions.  

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