IPwe Welcomes Bruce Dullea and Chelsea Friez as VP of Sales for IPwe Docket

IPwe announces the appointment of Bruce Dullea and Chelsea Friez as joint Vice Presidents of Sales to lead business development and sales support for IPwe Docket – as we launch our latest end-to-end patent management and filing solution.

While traditional docketing systems are expensive, time-consuming, and cumbersome, IPwe Docket streamlines and automates patent management, filing, and administration – reducing costs by up to 50%. From invention disclosure management and automated annuities payments & management tools, our clients can securely and effectively manage their IP assets.

Introducing IPwe Docket

“IPwe welcomes Bruce and Chelsea to the IPwe Team as we continue to expand our global team to offer IP product support for clients around the world,” said Erich Spangenberg, CEO of IPwe. “IPwe Docket is the first release of our IPwe Partner Network, providing value added support for law firms, patent agents and SMEs globally. IPwe Docket enables clients to track and manage IP assets, invoicing and payment, centralize IP communication and gives law firms a modern platform to digitize their customer’s experience, all at extremely attractive pricing.”

The newest IPwe Docketing solution is included in the IPwe Platform that runs on the IBM Cloud and uses IBM Blockchain Technology and Services. Clients who use IPwe Docket will be able to access a suite of additional services that include best in class IP analytics, financing, and access to revenue enhancing relationships that are all part of the IPwe Partner Network.

IPwe Partner Network

“The IPwe Platform will be the patent operating system for the next generation of patent service providers – giving partners the tools, infrastructure and network to service the needs of existing customers at a scale, cost and quality that will be hard to compete with.” Chelsea was quoted as saying. “Through the IPwe Partner Network, we are recruiting a community of best-of-breed service providers to pool resources, build value and grow together.”

“IPwe’s unique approach builds real value for end users, centralizing all communications, interactions and transactions across the IP Ecosystem onto one single platform – leveling up the IP in SME’s and helping large corporations streamline and enhance their current operations.” Bruce was quoted as saying. “This platform will be game changing and I am excited to be a part of it.”

Our Team and Our Clients

Bruce brings over 20 years of experience in business development and sales in the IP industry. “I have a passion for the IP industry, and believe that the value of assets in this sector is extremely undervalued, thus representing a tremendous opportunity for growth,” said Dullea.

Chelsea has over 9 years of Sales experience, and has spent the past 2 years as a consultant with CPA Global. “I’m thrilled to begin this journey with IPwe. I bring a fresh perspective to the challenges being faced in IP today, and I’m excited to share my knowledge with my clients. Together, we can transform this space,” said Friez.

IPwe Docket – What our Customers Have to Say

“What I really like is the focus on automating so much of the manual entry required by other IP management systems…so your team members can focus on much higher value work.”

-Wayne Sobon, VP of Intellectual Property at JUUL Labs

“One of the major benefits is a reduction in the time it takes to manage your IP portfolio and the time that it takes to actually populate the fields – because they do it automatically for you.”

– Jason Croft, Patent Attorney at Maschoff Brennan

For additional information on IPwe Docketing and the IPwe Partner Network, please reach out to Bruce Dullea or Chelsea Friez.

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