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National Patent Offices

There are over 200 independent patent offices worldwide. 

Patent prosecution can be a painfully slow process as a result. Delays eat into the usual 20-year patent lifespan (which starts on the filing date), depressing the return on the inventor's R&D investment and thus discouraging innovation that can boost the local economy.

The key information about most of the world's patents isn't available in a single global database. Patent offices in one country may not have easy access to information about the same or similar patents filed in other countries. 


Zuse Patent Analytics and the Global Patent Registry

IPwe offers a two-part solution to the challenges facing national patent offices.

The team behind IPwe has spent more than 10 years and $20 million creating the Zuse Patent Analytics System. It uses predictive analytics and data mining technologies to provide instantaneous evaluation of a patent or a portfolio of patents. Zuse already contains full data on patents from 13 countries, including, US, Europe, China, Japan, and South Korea.

This powerful tool is now available for free for national patent offices, to speed up and improve the quality of their patent prosecution process. 

For example, Zuse gives patent offices the ability to enter patent claims and search for relevant prior art, in order to quickly invalidate claims that lack novelty.

In exchange for access to advanced features of Zuse tailored to their needs, patent offices will be asked to provide IPwe with data on their patents for us to include in the Global Patent Registry. The Global Patent Registry will benefit patent offices and inventors across the globe by making it far easier to find patents and patent owners.

The Global Patent Registry, combined with Zuse, will expose the work of local inventors to the global patent marketplace, making it easier for inventors to earn licensing and sales revenues and thus boosting local economies.

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