Join an IPwe Smart Pool

Why join an IPwe Smart Pool as a member

Freedom to Innovate
Establishing Freedom to Innovate means ensuring that your products and services do not infringe on other’s intellectual property rights
Freedom to Innovate
Low Membership Costs
SMEs with annual revenue under $1 million pay a yearly subscription that starts at just $100
What is a Smart Pool
Risk Mitigation
IPwe’s Smart Pools give you peace of mind to innovate in your technology area
Join an IPwe Smart Pool

Frequently Asked Questions

Join an IPwe Smart Pool as a Member where the cost and time to achieve freedom to innovate is dramatically lower than 1-to-1 licensing, joining other pools, or ignoring the IP-related issues and risks

Do I have to contribute my own patents to join as a Member?

No, the licenses to patents are provided by the Founders only. There is a thorough screening to ensure all patents contributed are high quality and worth inclusion in the Smart Pool

Are there additional costs once I sign up?

IPwe's Smart Pools have been designed to be simple and hassle-free. We provide a blanket license without hidden fees to all patents available in the pool, taking away the need to seek additional licenses and the related costs

Is there an exit fee?

No. We want our early adopters to understand the value of our platform without the pressure of committing to fees later

Does the Smart Pool require exclusivity from other patent pools?

No, IPwe's mission is to promote and encourage innovation with cutting-edge technologies so business leaders can better manage intangible assets. We provide the best means to promote innovation but will not set out further obstacles with an exclusivity requirement

Join an IPwe Smart Pool

The IPwe Smart Pool Difference

Smart Pool Member
Enhance your IP portfolio
Access the licenses to technology patents
Freedom to Innovate
Build on fundamental technology
By gaining freedom to innovate, your company can build on the Founders’ fundamental technology, meaning you save on resources and development time
What is a Smart Pool
Mitigate risk
Dramatically reduce risk and deter patent abuse by innovating Founders’ existing technologies under a license