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Why become an IPwe Smart Pool Member

Freedom to Innovate
Establishing the Freedom to Innovate means taking measures to ensure that your products and services do not infringe on other companies' IP rights.
Freedom to Innovate
Low Membership Costs
Our members pay a yearly subscription that starts at $100 for SMEs.
What is a Smart Pool
Risk Mitigation
Quickly gain the Freedom to Innovate by building on Founders' existing technologies, dramatically reducing risk, and also deterring patent abuse.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Pools enable companies that want access licenses in one technology area from a single source, the Smart Pool, by simply paying an annual fee.

Do I have to contribute my own patents to join as a Member?

No, the licenses to patents are provided by the Smart Pool Founder only. Before patents are contributed to any Smart Pool, IPwe's technology screens their quality.

Are there additional costs?

There are no additional costs besides just the annual membership fee.

Is there an exit fee?

No, we want our early adopters to understand the value of SIAM without the pressure of committing to fees further down the line.

Do Smart Pool require exclusivity from other patent pools?

No, we do not require exclusivity from other patent pools.