Smart Intangible Asset Management

IPwe Showcases New SIAM Platform at Toshiba Booth

IPwe Showcases New SIAM Platform at Toshiba Booth

IPwe Showcases New Smart Intangible Asset Management (SIAM) Platform at Toshiba Booth

IPwe exhibits with Toshiba Digital Solutions at the 2022 Patent Information Conference and Fair in Tokyo, Japan

Today at the Patent Information Conference and Fair in Tokyo, IPwe Inc. showcased its new Smart Intangible Asset Management platform alongside Toshiba. IPwe is leading the digital transformation of intellectual property in Japan and will demonstrate its platform for the first time to over 10,000 IP experts and over 1,000 companies in Tokyo this week to foster that effort.

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IPwe’s Smart Intangible Asset Management platform simplifies intellectual property by providing companies with answers and metrics about their portfolios through AI-driven patent quality assessments and portfolio valuation benchmarks, supporting transparent discussions and informed decisions across the business, from IP to legal, business, and finance professionals.

The Smart Intangible Asset Management platform is enabled by IPwe Digital Assets or patent NFTs. IPwe believes that IPwe Digital Assets will enable the digital transformation of intellectual property, or IP Dx, by providing more efficient management and blockchain-secured storage of IP data. IPwe Digital Assets ensure that innovation does not get lost, allowing companies to digitally capture all of their intellectual property, from trade secrets and know-how to pending applications and issued patents, acting as the single “source of truth” for verified data related to each asset in a company’s portfolio.

IPwe’s President, Leann Pinto, as well as the recently named Managing Director of IPwe Japan, Satoshi Watanabe, will be attending the 2022 Patent Information Fair and Conference this week alongside Toshiba to showcase IPwe’s platform and discuss the IP Dx powered by IPwe Digital Assets.

“We are very excited that the Japanese market appreciates the value and understands the impact that IPwe Digital Assets can provide to their business,” said Leann Pinto, IPwe President. “The digital transformation of intellectual property is coming into focus around the world, particularly in Japan, and we are proud to exhibit with Toshiba in Tokyo this week at the largest specialized trade fair for patent information and intellectual property.” Satoshi Watanabe, Managing Director of IPwe Japan, added: “We look forward to helping many businesses in Japan implement IPwe Digital Assets as part of their IP Dx, further enabling users to benchmark their portfolios against competitors, increase their company’s innovation utilization and return on investment, track portfolio development, and project future financial performance through the Smart Intangible Asset Management platform.”

To learn more about the Smart Intangible Asset Management platform, please visit IPwe’s Smart Intangible Asset Management product page.



本日、東京で開催される「特許・情報フェア&コンファレンス」において、IPwe Inc. は、東芝と共同で、新しい無形資産管理プラットフォームを展示しました。IPweは、知的財産のデジタルトランスフォーメーションをリードしており、今週東京で10,000人以上の知財専門家と1,000社以上の企業に対して初めてプラットフォームのデモを行い、この取り組みを促進します。



IPweの社長であるリアン・ピントと、最近IPwe Japanのマネージング・ディレクターに指名された渡邉聡は、今週開催される2022特許・情報フェア&コンファレンスに東芝と共に参加し、IPweのプラットフォームを紹介し、IPweデジタル資産による知財DXについて説明する予定です。

IPwe社長のリアン・ピントは、「日本市場がIPweデジタル資産の価値を評価し、ビジネスに与える影響を理解していることをとても嬉しく思います。知的財産のデジタル化は世界でも特に日本で注目されており、今週東京で開催される特許情報および知的財産に関する最大の専門見本市に東芝と共に出展できることを誇りに思います。」と述べ、IPwe Japanのマネージング・ディレクターになる渡邉聡は、「IPweデジタル資産を知財DXの一部として導入し、スマート・インタンジブル・アセット・マネジメント・プラットフォームを通じて、競合他社に対するポートフォリオのベンチマーク、企業のイノベーション活用と投資収益率の向上、ポートフォリオ開発の追跡、将来の財務パフォーマンスの予測を可能にすることで、日本の多くの企業を支援できることを期待しています。」と付け加えた。

スマート・インタンジブル・アセット・マネジメント・プラットフォームの詳細については、Smart Intangible Asset Management をご覧ください。


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