23 May 2022


IPwe Announces Over 300 Smart Pool Members

IPwe, the one-stop global innovation platform for licensing emerging technologies, revealed at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, that over 300 members have joined its Smart Pools in Blockchain, Digital Link, ESG, LiDAR, and Metaverse technologies in the last four months.

IPwe’s revolutionary Smart Pool ecosystem creates the ideal setting for innovators to monetize their innovation assets while offering SMEs and enterprise participants alike a force multiplier and faster capacity to execute on go-to-market solutions. The Smart Pool workflow is simple: the Founders, leaders in various technologies, contribute licensing rights of their selected patents to the pool, and Members join and are free to build on these key innovations to further enhance adoption and greater economic opportunity.

IPwe’s Smart Pools are blockchain-enabled and built using CasperLabs NFT-based chain of custody (CoC) solution for public patent records on the Casper public blockchain. By using blockchain technologies on the back-end of IPwe’s Smart Pools, the patents are created and securely stored as NFTs, so that patent ownership is traceable and the NFT functions as the patent’s authenticated data warehouse. “We are working with CasperLabs to change the nature of intellectual property and innovation — together we make adoption and commercial opportunity the hallmarks of our Smart Pools for enterprise, universities and SMEs,” said IPwe’s Global Head of Business Development, Lavinia Meliti.

Erich Spangenberg, IPwe’s CEO, will be discussing IPwe’s 313 Smart Pool members’ announcement at the Blockchain Hub Davos 2022 hosted by CasperLabs and CV Labs. “In just four months, IPwe signed over 300 Smart Pool member companies, building on Casper‘s blockchain infrastructure, because Casper provides us with the strongest and most sustainable solution to supercharge innovation in emerging technologies,” said Spangenberg.

Interested technology leaders can contact IPwe via https://ipwe.com/.


About IPwe

Founded in 2018, IPwe is a global innovation platform leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and blockchain technology. Through the IPwe Platform, large enterprises, SMEs, owners, those looking to enhance their innovation profiles and those with a legal, technical or financial focus benefit from IPwe’s mission to empower innovation in emerging technologies. IPwe is committed to improving ROI whether measured by dollar returns, jobs created, ventures launched, or problems solved by increasing transparency, lowering costs and enhancing returns for the entire innovation ecosystem.

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