IPwe and Open Meta Foundation Announce the Metaverse Smart Pool

19 January 2022

Press Release

IPwe and Open Meta Foundation (OMF) Announce the First Metaverse Smart Pool Founder: SDK Co.

The IPwe Metaverse Smart Pool under IPwe and Open Meta Foundation enables sharing of key technologies critical to the development of the metaverse ecosystem

 MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 19, 2022 — IPwe, Inc and Open Meta Foundation (OMF) today announced at TNABC the first commercial founder of the Metaverse Smart Pool Innovation program, global innovator SDK Co.

SDK Co. designs and builds technologies enabling personal choice by empowering users to control over their personal data. To that end, SDK Co. offers secure connected hardware and software aimed at ushering in an open web3 ecosystem.

IPwe’s Metaverse Smart Pool is an intelligent program that delivers the benefit of exponential technologies to innovators that aim to encourage adoption, maximize business opportunities, and generate a return on their investment while maintaining maximum flexibility to change direction as future business and market conditions dictate.

Smart Pools provide both patent holders (Founders) and implementers (Members) with the tools they need to make the most of their patent portfolio. By facilitating the right “Founders” for the pool with important innovations to offer the world and leveraging the IPwe Platform to offer standardized licensing terms at the lowest rates available, IPwe ensures that the Members get added benefits that help improve their innovation and protect them from abusive patent practices.

“We are honored to lead the charge on this critical category and have already established the first six commercial members to join our Metaverse Smart Pool,” stated Chris J. Snook, Chief Executive Officer of SDK Co. “Our leadership in the space has afforded us a host of innovations and deep ecosystem collaborations in the metaverse. As such we are bringing the first tranche of diverse commercial members to the Metaverse Smart Pool.”

The first six commercial members of SDK Co’s Smart Metaverse Innovation Program include Streambed Media, Open Index Protocol, Alexandria Labs, True Reply, Reblika, Victory Productions and Worre Studios. Many of these organizations were selected for their historical innovations via the Open Meta Foundation Sandcastle Accelerator, a program underwritten by SDK Co. Additional selection criteria were based on their unique technological innovations and their future impact on an equitable metaverse.

“Metaverse technology is crucial – its development and adoption should be open and encouraged and not dominated by a handful of large enterprise companies,” said Erich Spangenberg, Chief Executive Officer of IPwe. “The Smart Metaverse Innovation Program with OMF strives to encourage increased adoption of technology removing all barriers to innovation for SMEs and large enterprise so that way they all can build on each other’s technological innovations to encourage adoption and reward the innovators who invest heavily in this critical area. To that end, we are pleased to work with SDK Co. as the first commercial founder to accelerate metaverse technology adoption.”

IPwe and Open Meta Foundation first launched the Smart Metaverse Innovation Program at #CES2022.

“Open Meta Foundation exists to build open bridges to web3,” stated Cheryl K. Goodman, Chair, Innovation Council of the Open Meta Foundation. “With SDK CO as a Founder and longtime supporter of innovators, we are taking the next right step to shaping a future that’s equitably and accessible.”

To request more information on the Metaverse Smart Pool, please visit www.ipwe.com.


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