IP Backed Financing is tailored for companies that:

Are seeking an investment of $10M to $100M

Have attractive growth prospects

Need access to capital that would not otherwise be available, because of insufficient collateral or credit profile 

Are located in the US, Israel or Europe


Intangible Asset Lending

Funding Driven by AI Analytics

Critical Inflection Point
We generally focus on hard tech companies that are at the intersection of R&D and commercialization.
Investment Size
Total investment by SIM correlated with realizable value of your intangible assets and other hard assets
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Speed and Certainty
AI driven analytics cuts diligence time significantly and automatically analyzes validity and quality of patents with high mathematical certainty.
Intangible Asset Lending

3 Reasons to Partner
with SIM and IPwe

SIM’s Founder
Erich Spangenberg is widely known as one of the top creative deal makers in the IP space. Over the past 20 years, he has been involved in billions of dollars in licensing, investing and M&A transactions involving intangible assets and has advised many of the world’s leading owners of IP on monetization. Erich is also the founder of IPwe.
IP Collateralized Investments
SIM invests in companies with attractive growth profiles and significant intangible asset portfolios that would not qualify for traditional financing.
Advanced AI and Patent Data
As a value-add partner to SIM, IPwe’s proprietary algorithms enabled by 15+ years of data allows for the additional identification of monetization opportunities within your IP portfolio.
Intangible Asset Lending

A picture of the Patent and IP Lending on IPwe's SIAM platform
SIM Investment Criteria
  • IP with significant realizable value
  • Investment size of $10 - $100M
  • Strong growth prospects and specific use of proceeds
  • Business incorporated in the US, Israel or Europe