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Innovation Unleashed: The First Patent NFT Platform Goes Live

Innovation Unleashed: The First Patent NFT Platform Goes Live

The World’s First Patent NFT Platform Goes Live, Unlocking the Potential of Patents through Intellectual Property (IP) Asset Digitization

IPwe’s Smart Intangible Asset Management (SIAM), a patent NFT platform, has gained recognition in Nikkei magazine. IPwe has been recognized because of SIAM’s adoption in Japan and IPwe’s leadership in the digital transformation of IP. SIAM maximizes businesses’ IP assets through IP asset valuations and IP digital transformation (IP Dx).


SIAM: A Patent NFT Platform for Efficient IP Asset Valuation and Management

IPwe’s Smart Intangible Asset Management platform offers a comprehensive solution for efficient IP asset valuation and management. By partnering with Clarivate, the world’s largest IP database, IPwe’s SIAM platform is the largest and most comprehensive. SIAM calculates the value and profitability potential of a business’ assets using advanced AI technology. The AI technology that powers SIAM has generated more than $500 million in patent transactions and $2 billion in funding over the past 15 years.

With SIAM, Japanese companies can better utilize their patents domestically and internationally, as SIAM provides objective patent ratings, valuations and even recommends transaction opportunities. This is particularly important for “patent monetization,” a challenge Japanese companies face when seeking to sell their patents overseas. 

Screenshot of IPwe's IP Platform, Smart Intangible Asset Managmeent - Smart TransactionsThe World’s First Blockchain-Based Patent Marketplace – Smart Transactions

Included in SIAM is the world’s first blockchain-based patent marketplace that enables IPwe to drive IP digital transformation. With its patent NFT-powered Smart Transaction Marketplace, SIAM enables companies to efficiently commercialize patents by converting them into NFTs or IPwe Digital Assets. These NFTs can be sold or licensed through the Smart Transactions Marketplace. By leveraging blockchain’s tokenization capability, IPwe turns IP assets into liquid financial assets, making them more accessible and transactable.

IPwe’s blockchain-based patent marketplace offers several benefits, including increased transaction efficiency, transparency, and cost efficiency. IPwe’s blockchain ensures that the patent NFTs’ data records cannot be falsified, and smart contracts automate the transaction process. The result is an instantly verified exchange of IP data, such as patent sales, purchases, and ownership details.

IPwe’s blockchain-based patent marketplace aims to create a more level playing field for IP transactions. IPwe’s technology replaces cumbersome and costly processes with blockchain, making the transaction data, including the sale and ownership of patents, more transparent, secure, and cost-effective.

IP Digital Transformation (IP Dx)

IPwe digitally transforms patents into NFTs on the SIAM platform and then uses AI to calculate their value. Each patent NFT contains publicly available IP data from Clarivate’s database, and SIAM helps clients identify valuable assets and recommends whether they should sell or license those assets on SIAM.

In addition to basic transactions, SIAM and IPwe Digital Assets provide companies with other options for commercialization and efficient ways to identify, track, and develop non-patent intellectual property such as trade secrets and know-how.

Image of IPwe's Patent NFT platform that performs asset valuations and IP digital transformation

Full-scale Entry into the Japanese Market in 2023 through SIAM and IPwe Digital Assets

“Intangible assets, including patents, have significant monetization potential and typically account for more than 85% of a listed company’s balance sheet,” said Leann Pinto, President of IPwe. “In a knowledge-intensive society, IPwe will play an important role in helping companies understand the full value of their patents.”

IPwe Japan was officially created in January 2023 and has already begun creating strategic partnerships in the region. We want to make IPwe an indispensable part of Japanese business,” said Satoshi Watanabe, Managing Director of IPwe Japan.





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