Exciting Blockchain developments to ‘Revolutionize the Intellectual Property World’

During the “Fintech 2021” segment of IVYFON Austin‘s virtual event Bradley Rotter spoke about one of the “most exciting promises” set to revolutionizing the world of Intellectual Property, unlocking value in the ‘gigantic class’ of intangible assets.

One of the most exciting promises I think that blockchain is going to give us is in revolutionizing the Intellectual Property world. That is a gigantic asset class but has never really become so, because it is fragmented and clunky and lumpy...

I seeded a company called IPwe which is putting the world’s IP system on a blockchain. Once you do that, you can do things more easily that were hard to do before. You can buy intellectual property, you can sell it, you can lease it, you can license it, you can hypothecate it, you can build portfolios. I think that’s going to unlock a lot of value that is currently on the balance sheets as intangible assets. That’s one exciting non-obvious example of Fintech.

Bradley Rotter