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07 Jun

Patent Liquidity and Asset Transparency : Clear as Mud

It’s probably a surprise to some that only 2% of all patents are ever transacted each year and, more surprisingly, that over $1 trillion in potential assets are wasted because they fail to extract full value through quality partnerships. It’s indeed sad, wasteful and frustrating. Around the world patents represent a significant asset to businesses and individuals. Unfortunately, because there hasn’t been a central marketplace or registry connecting potential buyers/licensors with patent owners, patent liquidity has been extremely difficult.

07 May


I attended DC Finance's The World of Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies event for family offices. Tim Draper spoke at this conference. He gave some very interesting advice. He told the family offices they should not be investing themselves in cryptocurrency. He encouraged everyone to invest in cryptocurrency.

26 Apr

How Artificial Intelligence outsmarts current patent search tools and will change the patent world

Patents are complicated publications that contain many data elements that are essential for describing the invention disclosed and how the patent’s claims can be used by the public. There are more than 20 million active patents from more than 200 national patent offices and billions of dollars spent on the filing, maintaining and researching in the patent space. Artificial intelligence is poised to transform the patent space by reducing costs, creating stronger patents and more accurately determining the value of patents in the marketplace.

26 Apr

World Intellectual Property Day 2018 - Powering Change: Women in Innovation and Creativity

According to a study by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, fewer than eight percent of patents list women as the primary inventor. Researchers attribute the patent gender gap to a shortage of women in science, technology, engineering, and math fields—and by extension to the lack of women who earn degrees in these areas, compared with men. 

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