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The top highlights from the d10e Silicon Valley Conference

19 Feb

The top highlights from the d10e Silicon Valley Conference

For those of you who could not attend the d10e Silicon Valley conference last week, here are my takeaways. 

  1. What distinguishes a good crypto conference from a bad one is whether the conference is informative while still making newbies feel welcome.  Hardly anyone has more than a year or two of crypto experience, so most of us are newbies.  The conference attracted a diverse crowd: crypto investors, non-crypto investors, token companies, and newbies interested in crypto. It was also good to reconnect with some familiar faces – for example, the team at DeepRadiology.

  2. Natalia Karayaneva (CEO of Propy) discussed how her company tackles the real estate legal industry.  Natalia’s presentation, and others like it, show how blockchain is going to be used to dramatically improve basic systems that have existed for hundreds of years.  

  3. Blockchain is being used to make important changes in how we interact.  A few exhibitors demonstrating this were WAX, who discussed their virtual item repository available to any online video game players, and Cashbet, in the online casino space, providing “the only mobile-first platform for real-money, social, and skill-based interactive gaming.” 

  4. Lots of discussion about the SEC challenges to utility tokens. Many people were discussing the best ways to approach SEC and tax issues while preparing for their ICOs.  More on this in a future post.

  5. Social media contributed to a welcoming and inclusive environment. As the crypto field matures, I truly hope we can keep the open and friendly culture. People freely shared constructive criticism on how to improve each other’s token companies.  

  6. Irina Litchfield gets the Miss Congeniality award for the conference. She unofficially ran Telegram accounts, accounting for 20% of the Telegram messages of both the “@d10e Silicon Valley” and the “@SF Block” channels. A personal takeaway was that IPwe needs to be on Telegram for all of the professional, social event reminders and postings. Meanwhile find me at Twitter: @patentscrypto and Telegram: @patentscrypto

  7. I appreciated the positive feedback from people who understand we’re addressing big problems. Many people told me, “it’s great that you’re working to significantly improve the patent law field”.

  8. The next major conferences on everyone’s radar are:
         • d10e Seoul, Korean (March 3-6)  
         • d10e in Puerto Rico (March 4) and
         • Puerto Crypto (March 14-16)

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