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North American Bitcoin Conference - Miami, January 2018

24 Jan

North American Bitcoin Conference - Miami, January 2018

This past week I attended the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami. This was my first year attending what was once a small conference -- the inaugural event had about 200 people -- and now attracts over 3000 people. 

Like Bitcoin itself, the conference attracts entrepreneurs, small investment funds, huge investment funds, and some people just trying to figure out what all excitement is about.

As a sponsor of the event, we had the chance to talk to people about what we're building -- a Blockchain enabling better ways to find, transact, and use patents. 


Three key takeaways from the event are:
  1. Some very smart people are tackling some very hard problems. 
    Through all the noise of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, get-rich schemes, and ill-conceived uses of blockchain - there are some great ideas about how blockchain can change entire industries by reducing reliance on intermediaries.     

  2. Ecosystems will rule the blockchain.
    Platforms that enable many types of transactions and different ways to use the blockchain will be the key players in the market. While many offerings do a very specific thing well, the big players will make entire markets more frictionless. From E-sports, to IOTA, to, yes, patents, there are opportunities to change how entire markets work.                                                                              

  3. Artificial Intelligence will become supercharged by blockchain-based data.  
    Artificial Intelligence runs on data. More data, and better data, means better AI. Access to a public ledger of data about transactions will allow AI applications to more accurately model and engage with markets. And, by the nature of the blockchain, it will have anonymity built in. It will allow analysis of what is happening without divulging who is doing it.

We discussed and were able to demonstrate our blockchain enabled patent ownership registry—that we call the IPwe Registry—and our patent analytics tools—that we call Zuse Analytics.—that are key parts of the IPwe Platform.  It was not lost on the people we talked with that we have functioning technology that we are now deploying. 

What surprised me most at the conference is discovering how the IPwe platform can connect to so many other things people are building on blockchain.  I knew we were on to something big—I just had no idea that so many people would quickly understand what we are trying to do.  

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