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Come visit us at the North American Bitcoin conference

01 Dec

Come visit us at the North American Bitcoin conference

On January 17-19, 2018, IPwe will be attending The North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, Florida ( There will be over 1,000 attendees. Brian Berman, VP Business Development, will be manning the exhibit booth at the conference. Please feel free to stop by our exhibit booth.

Dan Bork, CTO, will be a speaker during the conference. Dan will give an overview of IPwe, the current problems in the patent field, and IPwe’s unique solutions. Dan has been architecting software for over 20 years. He has spent the last 10 years designing, collaborating, and creating one of the largest databases of innovation in the world. At US Bank, he managed the application architecture and asset-reuse group. He was responsible for the strategic development, infrastructure design and implementation of Web-based applications and was also responsible for the enterprise business model, data architecture and reusable application framework in Java, XML, HTML, DB2, CICS and Smalltalk. At iXmatch, he helped develop the world's first matching engine that utilized data mining and collaborative filtering techniques to help users quickly and easily find content that describes products, information, services, and suppliers. The software was applicable in Predictive Analytics, CRM, Informational Retrieval, Defense and Human Capital Management.

IPwe, Ltd. is using blockchain, smart contracts, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to address the significant deficiencies that exist in the patent market and to enable a global transactional environment that promotes and rewards innovation. Combining strong technological capabilities and an internationally recognized management team, IPwe will transform the patent market. 

IPwe is transforming the global patent ecosystem by combining blockchain technologies with artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics.

Patents are fundamental to our innovation-based economy. Yet patents are often hard to find, value, and transact because no central platform of patents and their owners exists. The vast majority of patents are underutilized assets, producing no return on the owners' R&D investments.

Cross-border patent licensing fees in 2009 were close to $200 billion <>. Billions more are spent on transacting patents. However, only about 2% of all patents are involved in those transactions.

The IPwe Platform will make it far easier to identify patents, their owners and value -- and thus monetize patents -- by providing incentives to register patents and patent ownership information on the blockchain-enabled IPwe Registry. The IPwe Registry will be operational as v.1 and is accessible at

The IPwe team has 20 employees and is growing quickly. We have offices in the US and Europe and are expanding around the world. Our team includes former patent examiners, patent attorneys, patent litigators, patent searchers, programmers, and artificial intelligence and predictive analytics experts—many of whom are recognized as leaders in the field.

If you would like to set up an in-person meeting during the conference, please contact us at

Brian Berman

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