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IPwe will use the power of blockchain, artificial intelligence, data mining, and predictive analytics to unlock global patent value – we’re going to create entirely new ways of interacting and transacting with patents.

Annual sales and licenses of patents are estimated at more than $180 billion. However, only about 2% of all patents are involved in those transactions.


IPwe intends to unleash the value in the other 98%

Patents are difficult to monetize: as an asset class, they are highly illiquid. 

There’s a lot of “friction” in trying to conduct transactions with patents.

It can be hard to get information on patent ownership. There's no public record of most patent transactions. Determining the value or strength of patents is difficult and uncertain. Selling and licensing patents can take months and cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees.

IPwe is set to transform the patent world by putting every patent into a single blockchain database, and capturing as many patent transactions as possible, making it easier to:

•    find patents from any patent office in the world
•    determine who owns a patent 
•    identify what a patent covers

By linking the blockchain-enabled database to our patent analytic platform, Zuse, IPwe will make it much easier to

•    estimate a patent’s worth
•    estimate a patent’s likely strength/validity
Using Ethereum-based smart contracts, we will make it much easier to
•    buy, sell, and license patents
•    use patents in novel ways – so they are treated as the assets they are

Results are expected to include:

•    faster, easier, and cheaper patent transactions
•    new types of patent transactions
•    more funding for innovation via increased patent sales and licensing, new ways of securing financing
•    enhanced revenue for patent owners
•    accelerated innovation, capitalizing on inventions now locked away in obscure patents

IPwe has assembled a world-class team of patent experts and technologists who will change the way patents are used on a global basis.

IPWe Inc.

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    Address 160 Greentree Dr, STE 101, Dover, DE 19904, USA 

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    Phone  USA: 1.214.438.8320

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