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About IPwe

IPwe's Mission

Learn more about IPwe, a SaaS solution provider on a mission to promote and encourage innovation using tried-and-true technologies so business leaders can better manage intangible assets.

Founded in 2018, IPwe is a global platform leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and blockchain technology around smart intangible asset management. In addition, IPwe is expanding traditional IP markets by increasing transparency with clear and verifiable metrics to lower costs and enhance value and returns. Through IPwe, everyone from startups to large enterprises, business and financial executives to IP experts, can collaborate on a business, technical, legal, or financial level to enhance efficiency, value, opportunities, and innovation to better manage their intangible assets.

IPwe's Technology

IPwe Digital Assets

The IPwe Smart Intangible Asset Management Platform runs on Casper Labs’ blockchain. We created IPwe Digital Assets—patent NFTs—to provide a verified record of patent data so interested transaction partners can rely on a single platform for patent data, valuation metrics, transactions, and lending.

IPwe Digital Assets are populated with Clarivate’s pertinent publicly available data points. So, patent owners can choose to add additional private information, such as the prior licensing history, to an IPwe Digital Asset record to create a more robust data point.

Artificial Intelligence

Smart Intangible Asset Management platform’s core is our Artificial Intelligence—developed continuously over the past 15 years, backed by the world’s largest curated IP database—responsible for generating over $500 million of licensing revenue and over $2 billion in patent funding since its inception.

About Us

About IPwe's History

Our AI and patent-data journey begins

Our Founder, Erich Spangenberg, acquired a predictive analytics company in 2007, which he invested in while focusing the company on patent analytics specifically. This tool generated hundreds of millions in revenue over the following decade, ultimately becoming IPwe’s core AI engine.

IPwe was created

Subsequently, Erich Spangenberg founded IPwe to build a global platform for smart intangible asset management. Since then, we have been building our blockchain technology stack, enhancing our AI performance, improving our data capabilities, and expanding our partner network so business leaders can better manage intangible assets.

IPwe acquires ClearAccessIP

In April 2020, IPwe acquired ClearAccessIP, a Silicon Valley tech company that specialized in patent analytics and IP asset management, founded by Nicole Shanahan in 2013. Above all, the ClearAccessIP acquisition allowed IPwe to consolidate AI and machine learning technology for AI-based valuations of IP assets.

We evolved

IPwe released the first NFT marketplace for patents, a company milestone. Following this, we became the first FinTech platform for IP that utilizes blockchain technology, fostering innovation of IP as an asset class.

Smart Intangible Asset Management

IPwe announced the official launch of its Smart Intangible Asset Management (SIAM) platform in Davos, Switzerland, during the week of the World Economic Forum. SIAM is a comprehensive SaaS solution—utilizing Clarivate’s world-renowned IP dataset and IPwe’s certified patent valuation algorithm and AI—for IP management, valuation, and transactions. 

About Us

About IPwe's SIAM

The IPwe platform makes it easy for your entire company, startups and large enterprises alike, to collaborate and understand IP better together — from business and financial executives to IP experts. Although each product on IPwe’s platform is powerful by itself, when used together, they provide a full suite of tools to enhance efficiency, value, opportunities, and innovation so business leaders can better manage their intangible assets.

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