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The Global Patent Registry

The Global Patent Registry is the world's first blockchain-enabled patent registry.  Today, the Global Patent Registry contains basic information on 80% of the world’s 20 million patents. Find out why this is the critical first step to changing the global patent market  ...

Zuse Analytics


Zuse Analytics

Zuse is the world’s most advanced patent analytics platform – and it seamlessly integrates with the Global Patent Registry. 



Information for Investors 

IPwe’s Blockchain-Powered Patent Platform will help companies unlock billions of dollars of value in currently illiquid patent assets. Learn more about investing in IPwe.

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About Us

IPwe’s blockchain-powered patent platform is going to revolutionize the patent ecosystem. It will make today’s patent transactions (buy/sell/license) much easier to conduct, and it will enable new types of patent transactions that are currently impractical (crowdsourcing R&D, patent-based financing, and much more). It will foster innovation and help patent owners generate revenue from their investment. IPwe will have an impact on everyone who works with patents. 





National Patent Offices

IPwe helps national patent offices review patents faster.



Patent Owners

The Global Patent Registry will help patent owners by making their patents easier for potential buyers and licensees to find. 



Companies Seeking New Technologies 

IPwe helps companies find the technology they need to grow.

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 Meet our team 

Erich Spangenberg


Erich Spangenberg is a serial entrepreneur and industry luminary in the patent business. He founded IPNav, a pioneer and leader in patent monetization, a company that generated over half a billion dollars in licensing, settlement, or enforcement revenues for its clients. He’s a former investment banker (Donaldson, Lufkin, and Jenrette) and corporate lawyer (partner at Jones Day).

Pascal Asselot

Managing Director

Prior to joining IPwe, Pascal co-founded France Brevets where he led the licensing and development group for the first sovereign patent fund in Europe. His experience with France Brevets and Technicolor has given him deep connections in the IP world in the EU and Asia.  Pascal’s focus is on global operations, patent owner relationships, and new risk management product offerings.

Tegan Kline

Executive VP of Investor Relations

Tegan Kline is the Executive Vice President of Investor Relations at IPwe. She began her career in Investment Banking and, prior to IPwe, worked in Sales and Trading at Barclays. Tegan has been involved in the cryptocurrency / blockchain technology space for two years. She spent five years in New York City prior to moving to San Francisco in 2016. Tegan graduated from Baruch with a BBA in Finance and Investments.

Dan Bork


Dan Bork has been the primary architect of Zuse Analytics for the past 10 years. Dan has been working with a team of data scientists since the late 1990’s solving highly complex problems.  Dan’s focus is on Zuse Analytics and architecting IPwe’s public and private blockchain solutions.

George Karypis

Chief Scientist

Professor George Karypis is a Distinguished McKnight University Professor and an ADC Chair of Digital Technology in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota. George is a globally recognized expert in big data, PA and AI—all of which are critical to Zuse Analytics. George’s focus is on solving new and interesting problems using computerized analytics.

David O'Steen

General Counsel

Prior to joining IPwe, David was an intellectual property lawyer in Manhattan at Shearman & Sterling, LLP and Desmarais, LLP, focused on IP transactions and patent infringement litigation.  Prior to attending law school, David worked for patent advisory and monetization firms Marqera and Ocean Tomo, specializing in patent monetization and IP transactions. David is a registered patent attorney and started his career in intellectual property as a patent examiner at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Sai Chen

Senior Software Engineer

Sai Chen is an expert on software and database management.  Sai studied under George Karypis for her master's degree in Computer Science after obtaining her B.E. degree in Automation from the University of Science and Technology of China. Sai has been part of the development of Zuse Analytics for the past 10 years and this continues to be her focus.

Brian Berman

Chief of Platform Adoption

Brian Berman has a deep understanding of the patent ecosystem as a former Patent Examiner and previous executive positions he has held where he had extensive interaction with global patent owners and national patent offices.   He has been involved in blockchain projects since 2015.  Brian’s mission is to educate and inform the market on the Global Patent Registry, Zuse Analytics and the IPwe Platform.

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