Valuations, analytics, and competitive intelligence for your intellectual property strategy

Gain a financial understanding of your IP portfolio with real-time, unbiased financial valuations, analytics, and competitive intelligence
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A Single Tool for Valuations, Analytics, & Competitive Intelligence

According to Gartner® research, “By 2025, R&D organizations that use IP analytics to conduct continuous technology intelligence will be 80% more likely to outperform direct competitors in revenue growth.”

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Smart Intangible Asset Management (SIAM) provides financial valuations and IP analytics for patent portfolios. By benchmarking these valuations and IP analytics against competitors, companies can access a clear view of their portfolio’s value and market standing, enabling them to outperform competitors in revenue and competitive advantage, all through one comprehensive tool.

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Valuations, analytics, and competitive intelligence
Competitive intelligence searches and benchmarking
Smart Intangible Asset Management

Understand your IP strategy's performance with benchmarkable valuations and analytics

Struggling to effectively report the performance of your IP strategy to colleagues who lack IP expertise? Simplify your communications by translating technical IP jargon into business and financial analytics that are benchmarkable against competitors and peers using SIAM’s visually intuitive dashboards.

Main dashboard of IPwe's Smart Intangible Asset Management, an IP management strategy tool
Smart Intangible Asset Management

Bridging the Gap Between Finance & IP

Purple is leaning into new opportunities to innovate and value that innovation. By engaging with IPwe, we believe this will allow us to be more aware of the IP landscape in the marketplace as well as discern intellectual property sophistication and competitiveness.

James A Larson, Deputy General Counsel – IP

It was such a pleasure working with the IPwe team. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversations and collaboration. I am excited about IPwe’s Smart Intangible Asset Management offering and the tremendous value it provides, especially in enabling patents to be active financial assets.  The Smart Tech Groups feature is great. It quite accurately categorized our patent portfolio and made it easier to manage and illustrate for the team

Chen Qian, Deputy General Counsel, IP at DrFirst

The tool can really help drive a conversation that is not simply about the quantity, but the quality.


Jennifer Burdman, Chief IP Officer

Using IPwe’s Smart Intangible Asset Management has increased our IP’s ROI by 25% within six months of use. This has obviously been a significant benefit and demonstrates the effectiveness and value of SIAM in maximizing the value of IP assets.

Doug Croxall, CEO

The IP industry is undergoing a tremendous digital transformation and blockchain will play a critical role in this shift. IPwe is leading the way when it comes to blockchain technology around smart intangible asset management. At Clarivate, we are committed to continual innovation and we are very excited to partner with IPwe to offer full transparency in patent identification and ownership, supporting the next generation of IP management.


Gordon Samson, President Intellectual Property
Clarivate is IPwe's partner, IPwe is a intellectual property strategy through SIAM.

IPwe is a global financial technology company revolutionizing the IP space. Our mission is to become the go-to IP business analytics company—leveraging cutting-edge technology and world-class Clarivate data sets—to enable businesses to understand their portfolios from a financial viewpoint and make informed decisions that maximize value and innovation.

Smart Intangible Asset Management (SIAM) is IPwe's AI and blockchain powered SaaS IP management strategy terminal, providing the data, analytics, indices, and value realization necessary to manage and convert IP into a more valuable business asset for the digital world.

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